December 27, 2015

My Sunday Photo

I love Christmas food and one of my absolute highlights is the boxing  day sandwich, isn't it a beaut? This one has fresh baked bread, chicken, stuffing, brie, cranberry sauce, gammon and butter and it was a-maz-ING! I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas.

Happy Sunday,



  1. Ooo this looks so blowing yummy

    Hope you had a good Christmas

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Darn it, you've made me hungry again! You're right though, the best foodie thing over Christmas is the Boxing Day butty! Merry Christmas to you and yours :)

  3. This looks amazing but I've had to turn away as I've just had TOO much xmas food and I now feel uber sick (might also be something to do with all of the biscuits I've just had, haha!) X X

    1. Haha me too! just the chocolates to destroy and Im back on track xx