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The Game of 1000 Silly Faces!

If your kids watch TV, they will no doubt be completely excited right now by all the adverts for toys and games being launched for Christmas this year - there are thousands! One that really sticks out for us is Stoopido, 'the game of 1000 silly faces'. Alf gets so excited when this ad comes on, so when we were asked to try it as part of the Drumond Park review panel I couldn't wait to get it and show him the game in the flesh.

Stoopido is a game for all the family, suitable for recommended ages of 8 years plus. I had no doubt Alf would be more than capable of playing this at five, especially with his older cousins and friends on board too. This is a quick, fun game and completely, well - Stoopido, but in a really funny and lovely way.

Seeing the kids laughing at us grown ups looking silly was really worth it and we've had great fun trying this one out. The game takes pretty much no setting up, it comes straight out the box and it's ready for play after popping out the pieces.

How to play

Each player pops on a pair of red plastic Stoopido Spectacles. The squashy ‘Stoopitoot’ squeaker is placed in the middle of the game space, with the four Slap Pads representing the nose, ears, hat and eyes. The double-sided Stoopido face parts are piled beside each slap pad - and then it's all ready to play.

Players take it in turns to roll the dice, but everyone reacts and plays at the same time. The youngest player starts and play moves clockwise around the players. If you roll the NOSE, EYES, HAT or EARS, players race to‘slap’ or touch the corresponding Slap Pad – and the person who gets there first picks a Stoopido Face Piece from the corresponding pile - and adds it to the glasses of ANY player that isn’t already wearing a Stoopido Face Piece of that feature.

If you roll the GLASSES – then it's bad luck … the player to your left gets to pick a Stoopido Face Piece of ANY feature you don’t already have and adds it to your glasses! If you roll the ‘Stoopitoot’, the player who gets there first and squeaks it can choose to either pick a Stoopido Face Piece of ANY feature and place it on ANY player, or choose ANY Stoopido Face Piece from their own glasses and put it back on its pile.

If a player’s glasses are full, they must resign themselves to sitting out looking just a little bit ‘stoopido’ for the remainder of the game. The fun continues round the table until there is only one player left without a full face of Stoopido Face Pieces on their glasses … and that player is THE WINNER.

People of all ages can enjoy the silliness of Stoopido! This is a crazy game of seemingly endless combinations of colourful facial parts with brilliantly funny results, which is set to be a big hit with everyone! As with all Drumond Park games this can be adapted for play with all ages. This is great fun and we have loved playing it together. I can;t wait to try it with the older generation at Christmas too!

This game is a bargain at just £17.99, for more information and stockists, visit This game is definitely best played as a family, it's fun for all and very much appreciated by the kids. If you love playing family games then this would be a brilliant addition to the collection and perfect for some family fun this Christmas.

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