Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Child Inspired Art - Working With My Toddler

Drawing with my boy!

I've always loved art and from what I remember I used to be pretty good at it too. I got an A* at GCSE and went on to study Art at college where I was met by teachers that only had a love for modern art, I was much more traditional so this totally put me off. 

I soon learnt I could get better grades knocking up something on Photoshop in five minutes than spending hours on a fine art painting, it was an easy choice. I went digital - continuing onto my course at university where I specialised in New Media Technology. 

A few years after graduating I started designing digital paintings mainly of animals which went down well (until I started getting orders and the fun disappeared). I then went to St. Ives on my honeymoon where the colour of the sand and sea blew me away, I came straight home and painted for the first time in years. Then that was that for painting, babies came along and I just didn't have the time. I will pick that up again one day.

'A cat wearing numbers'.
 I've always had a sketch book and pens knocking about, I'd get it out and sit there, my mind would go blank and away it would go. That was until my son turned three and I realised that he just has the best imagination and loves drawing himself and even more so loves to see ones I've done. 

I started to ask him for ideas and I keep a long list on my phone so that when him and his sister are in bed I can have a quick sketch and show him in the morning. He's always full of thank yous and mega happy to see his idea on paper. He's suggested all sorts from a cat in a box - which is relatively easy, to a horse being pumped up, not so easy. 

So now I can relax my baby brain and forget that my creativity is in some what of a slump and work with my boy to create some fun drawings and as they are so quick to do I can realistically fit them into my day. I'm attempting a sketch a day throughout 2015.

'A mouse in the rain'
'Mouse boy and his Daddy'

'Twinkle twinkle monster'
'A pile of animals'

I have an Instagram account if you would like to follow which in come take a look! 

One day his sister will talk and give me ideas too, 

I can't wait!

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