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100 Happy Days - Day 23

100 Happy Days - Day 22

What's Your day Job? Meet Katie K!

This week I will be introducing you the beautiful Katie, a writer from Dublin, who will be telling us more about her day job.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

100Happy Days - Day 21

Birthday girl and cake! Day 21.

100 Happy Days - Day 20

My Sunday Photo

Birthday girl!

Today's Sunday photo just had to be all about baby S on her birthday. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone, totally crazy. Isn't she a beaut?

Thanks for reading,

Baby's First Year!

Happy Birthday Baby S!

Today our beautiful baby girl, Baby S - turns one! I can't believe how quick this year has gone. I know I am biased but this girl really is the loveliest sweetest baby you could ever meet. She never cried in the night as a newborn, she never once woke her brother in the night, she never fussed being carted around on nursery runs and having to wait for a feed. Baby S had the most gorgeous gummy smile that has now been replaced with a cheeky gorgeous toothy grin! We just love the bones of this little girl and she will be the best sister and daughter in the world. Our little prince A is an amazing big brother and the two of them are inseparable, with kisses, cuddles and cheeky grins to each other already, I can't wait to see their relationship grow as they enjoy their childhood together. Happy birthday to the best girl on the planet.

July 2014 - 0 Months

Friday, July 24, 2015

100 Happy Days - Day 19

It's FriYay and we have just arrived on holiday. Ten hours to do a four hour drive with a nearly one year old, three year old, excitable dog and a husband with flu in the terrential rain - was fun at times (no sarcasm). At one point we were stuck in traffic behind a car with a dog lookibg at us, weAnyway, we are here, I have already seen the sea and everyone is asleep! Happy day 19.

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside...

I don't know what it is I love so much about it, but I'm a huge fan of the seaside and I can't wait to live near to the sea one day. I love the nostalgic feel of the British coast and it just feels so relaxing looking out into open nothingness. The seaside anywhere just makes me feel totally at peace. I'm completely relaxed and unwound when I can hear waves crashing nearby. I even love the sea when it's stormy, as long as I am cosied up inside somewhere watching it in the warm and not stuck out on a boat somewhere!

The beautiful views of the sea on our Welsh adventure in April - pure heaven!

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Summer Shopping At Homesense

Summer, summer, summer, time!

When we think of summer, we think of cool drinks, lazing by a pool, looking super chic in some 'Jackie O' style sunnies and of course - a tasty barbecue with friends and family. It's no secret that I love HomeSense, it's my grown up treasure hunt store and I seriously need a bigger house to fill with more goodies! HomeSense have an amazing holiday range in store at the moment, with all the summer essentials from beach towels, sunglasses, deck chairs, you name it, if you need it to chill out this summer, you will find it in the store. The HomeSense buyers scour the globe looking for unique items for you, your home and your travels. It's definitely worth checking out your local store for this summer. I love their bright and sunny collection of super soft beach towels and the (coolest ever) drink dispenser is just crying out to be filled with a delicious ice cold cocktail - mines a Woo-woo please! Check out some of my favourites below;

100 Happy Days - Day 15/16/17

Holiday Prep!

Baby S turns one on Sunday and we decided to make it special by having a family holiday. We decided to stay down in the West country near Exeter and literally can't wait for the day to come! Typical of us to go away the first week of the school holidays when our kids aren't school age, but I'm sure it will be fun.

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#SlimFastChallenge - End Of Week One

As you may have read in my first post, I am currently taking up the two week Slim Fast Challenge. I have just completed week 1 and thought I would do an update. I will be doing a full write up at the end too, along with a full review of the plan and products provided, but here is how my first week went.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Hat & The Hoarder

I don't know why, but I am really attached to my old baby items more than most people seem to be. I've been given clothes by people who have said things like, "I loved mine in that, it was her first dress", or "they were his first shoes". How can people part with these things so easily? I genuinely wish I could. I have a bag of 'never getting rid of, never selling, never to be worn by anyone else' clothes from my son and my daughters first things. I have framed their first shoes, kept their hospital bands, hoarded much more besides than what is probably normal, but I just have such an attachment to it all. I'm kind of the same with pictures too, I have thousands but it's as if deleting anything deletes a bit of them and so I just have a swamped and overflowing hard drive. Easier to store at least than the sacks of clothes!

My Sunday Photo

100 Happy Days - Day 14

BBQ Chicken

Oh my. Barbecues are just the best kind of meal aren't they? We've been experimenting this week with some home made healthy kebabs and tonights tandoori chicken and veg were just amazing. Meat tastes so much better from a barbecue! My husband made a cucumber yoghurt dip and chickpea curry to go alongside it. So tasty, my husband is the best cook! Happy day 14 - all about the tasty tasty chicken.

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100 Happy Days - Day 12

Peace & Quiet

You Think You're Tired?

I look back now at the pre baby years and laugh, laugh and kind of want to cry at the same time, a lot. I remember thinking I was so tired. I stayed in bed at the weekends sometimes until lunchtime. I deserved that rest, I had worked hard all week in the office and needed rest.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

What's Your Day Job? - Meet Lena!

This week I will be introducing you to the lovely Lena who will be telling you more about her busy job in a nursery.

100 Happy Days - Day 11

The Love

I've never really known what I wanted to do with my life or what I wanted to be when I grew up. I still don't really, even though at 31 I'm pretty sure I'm now classed as grown up. Oh shit.

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My Slim-Fast Challenge: Intro

Losing it: With Slim-Fast!

After I gave birth to Baby S last July, I very quickly realised that I was going to require a lot more energy to cope and keep up with two lively children. I embarked on a weight loss mission which has left me nearly four stone (56 lbs) down so far, which is great. I have however slowed down and come to a bit of a stand still. I think the problem is that I have little time to prepare filling and healthy foods and have been instead resorting to quicker options a lot of the time or even skipping meals at times when baby is crying or her brother is having his eighth poop of the day. I'm in a bit of a menu rut and old habits are slowly creeping back. Quite honestly I have got a bit bored of eating the same old things. I really want to get back on track fully and I am going to have a two week break in which to reset myself, eat an entirely different diet and hopefully bump me past my standstill to a few pounds less than I am now.

I was offered to take part in the two week Slim-Fast challenge and in all honesty it could not have come at a better time. I am so tired at the moment and the idea of not having to think what to eat, other than grabbing a bottle, bar or mixing up a quick shake sounds so good right now! I am a firm believer in eating healthy and filling foods for a long term healthy lifestyle, but I think in the short term to refocus or to shape up for a special event, diets like the Slim-Fast plan are perfect.

100 Happy Days - Day 9

Boy time

Monday, July 13, 2015

100 Happy Days - Day 8

The odd couple

Find Love with MumsDateDads.Co.Uk - Giveaway!

I am lucky to be happily married to Mr. Waffle, but what if I wasn't? I have no idea where I would start. I am hopeless at talking to people and I think I would probably have to resign myself to a life alone surrounded by lots of cats! The only way I could realistically find love as a parent is online. I have a few single friends who say it is really daunting meeting new people, especially knowing that you have to drop the inevitable 'I've got kids' bombshell at some point. You have to think of your children too and who really has time (or energy) to visit bars or singles nights once the little ones are tucked up in bed? I know I wouldn't.

What could be better than meeting like minded people, in the same boat as you? I have teamed up with an amazing website, 'Mums Date Dads' - the leading UK dating website for parents, to bring you the perfect giveaway! Three readers (yes three of you!) can win a six month membership to the site, worth £90 each - amazing!

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Posie Pixie & The Pancakes - Book Review

I was recently asked to review a book from a series and author I have been following recently, called 'Whimsy Wood' by Sarah Hill. The books are illustrated adorably by Sarah Mauchline. The book I received was book number 7 in the series, 'Posie Pixie & The Pancake'. I would say these stories are aimed more at the 5+ age range, but all A's favourite books are, so I was pleased to get a copy in our hands and get stuck in. We love getting new books!

My Gratitude List: Week # 12

Sunshine, fun and cuteness. There is a lot to be thankful for this week and here are some of the highlights. I can't believe how quickly this year is going and how crazily quick my children are growing!

A Week Of Gratitude

100 Happy Days - Day 7

My Sunday Photo # 15

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100 Happy Days - Day 5

Hopeless Housewife

I used to obsessively watch Anthea Turner on her 'Perfect Housewife' programme in total awe. They should totally re-run that show. I watched her fold towels with no edges showing, clean and tidy everything in sight immaculately whilst also looking neat and tidy and smiling throughout. Who is this alien creature?! She really is a wonder woman.

I am far far from the world of Anthea and her perfect paws, but I'll gladly put my hands up and admit to being a hopeless housewife.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Til Death Do Us Part

I read a story recently about a couple that had been together since they were eight years old. They spent their lives together in love and died last month just hours apart from eachother whilst holding hands in their death beds. I know, a true love story. One I cannot shake out my head!

100 Happy Days - Day 4

The boy loves flowers

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Bargain Buy - Poundland Dry Shampoo

I thought I would start to share some of my favourite bargain buys as I come accross them. In my eyes things are only a bargain if I feel they genuinely work as well as a higher end product, but cost a smidge of the price! 

I was amazed when I tried this new dry shampoo from poundland! 

100 Happy Days - Day 3

Toddler Fashion

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

100 Happy Days - Day 2

Cosy Rain

Changing Bag Essentials - Family Days Out

We all know what it's like trying to leave the house with a baby. At times you're left wondering if it's even really worth it and if maybe a lifetime stuck in the house could really be that bad?

Monday, July 06, 2015

100 Happy Days - Day 1

I decided to take part in the 100 happy days challenge and post a photo a day to represent something that made me happy. 

Day one

What's Your Day Job? - Meet Sian!

This week I will be introducing you to the lovely Sian, with an insight into the other side of blogging. Sian works in PR and comes from North Yorkshire. Here is a little bit about Sian and her day job.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

My Sunday Photo #14

Elephant Hawkmoth!

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Does Money Make You Happy?

We all know how the old saying goes, 'Money doesn't make you happy'. Well I really don't believe that to be true nowadays. I do believe that you can have happy moments that cost nothing; children being born, playing in the park, seeing your baby smile for the first time - to name but a few. All these things are amazing, but money can make things better, it's undeniable. It's not necessarily as simple as 'money makes you happy', but more - not having money makes you miserable.

My Gratitude List: Week # 10