About Me

About me

Hi! I'm Laura, I'm 33 years old and live in the East Midlands with my little family. I'm a former marketing girl with a degree in Media Production and New Media. I started my blog initially to have something to look back on with these crazy first years of motherhood and it's since become so much more. My blog is a little slice of me, I love it and it has really helped me find myself again since being a bit lost as a sudden grown up and parent!

I'm not at all biased but I do have the most amazing beautiful and clever children in the entire universe, Alf & Soph. They are a crazy double act and are at peace or war with little in between. We live a manic fun packed life with heaps of cuddles, days out and silliness.

We have a dog called Peg that thinks she is a cat, as well as three actual cats Teddy, Sonny & Dexter. We also have an axolotl called Steve - he really does't do much.

I work from home now after leaving my job due to illness and it has been the very best move I have ever made, I am so excited about all the work that is to come and enjoy every second tapping away on my computer and finding my creativity again. I feel like a new person.

As well as my blog, I also love all kinds of music and art and I am currently writing a children's picture book which I'm also illustrating. Alf has the very best imagination and helps me every step of the way coming up with characters and stories. I love writing about, reviewing and photographing everything we come across and spend lots of my 'me time' on here. 

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and seeing the fun we have.


  1. Nice to read that you are Happy with life, enjoying your family time together etc. Best Wishes with your book.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Thanks for the competitions.

    Your pictures above are delightful.

    Rachel Craig