Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Healthy Mama || 4 Tips For Living With Diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes can sometimes be carefully managed with diet, and in some cases reversed, but type 1 diabetes requires daily doses of insulin and lifelong management. Here are 4 suggestions for living with diabetes, so it doesn’t hold you back.

Help Yourself, By Taking Diabetes More Seriously

While stressing too much over diabetes won’t help your blood pressure, it doesn’t do you any good to minimize it or pretend it’s not an issue in your life now.

Your diabetes must be managed by a health professional, usually a GP or consultant. Otherwise, your health will deteriorate as a result. Find a balance between managing the diagnosis sensibly and not letting it hold you back.

Manage Your Weight Better

Obesity is often a major contributor to receiving a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.

Being obese is not a healthy way to live. It restricts your movements. Also, it can prevent you from bending down or kneeling if it puts too much pressure on open knee joints. And for people living with diabetes, everything becomes that bit harder too.

Start an exercise program to begin to improve your fitness and to reduce your waist size. Also, adjust what you’re eating to something better for a diabetic person. Furthermore, watch how many calories you’re consuming too. A diet filled with junk food will not help your health. By making healthier diet choices, you might be able to eventually reverse your Type 2 diabetes.

It’s usually a combination of healthier eating and a greater level of activity that helps get the weight down to manageable levels.

Use a Comfortable Insulin Pump

One of the causes of resistance to taking medicine is receiving insulin every day. This can lead to indifference or the inconsistent taking of insulin to keep diabetic symptoms under control.

The accu chek insulin pump was issued a CE mark for Roche, its creator. It has an innovative tube-free design that offers multiple delivery systems to provide insulin to the recipient.

For people who prefer their pumps to be smaller and less obvious to others, the small accu chek insulin pump offers more confidentiality. The London Diabetes Centre recommends this pump. The Centre provides the latest treatment options to their patients including support plans and new insights on how to manage diabetes for a happier life.

Still Smoking? Time to Quit

We all know that smoking is bad for your health. What might be less clear is that it can damage blood vessels too and make blood sugar levels harder to manage.

If you are ready to quit smoking, deciding to quit is the first step. There are different approaches to managing the addiction to nicotine. These include weaning yourself off cigarettes gradually, using a patch, or even reading one of Allen Carr’s books on quitting smoking (some people swear by it).

Living with diabetes doesn’t need to be a nightmare. Approaching it with a sense of hope and optimism that things can improve is a better way. By managing better with it, you’ll be freer to enjoy life despite its presence.