Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Healthy Mama || 5 Top Tips For Healthy Teeth And Gums

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Keeping our teeth and gums healthy is particularly important. Gum disease has been linked to some serious health problems like coronary heart disease, oral cancers, and even Alzheimer's disease. These five tips can help anyone to stay on top of their oral healthcare and maintain a happy and healthy mouth.

Visit a Dentist Regularly

People should get a check-up at their dentist every six months. Make sure you have regular appointments that you do not skip or miss. Your dentist can help you spot problems early and suggest solutions to any oral healthcare issues you have.

Many people actively avoid going to the dentist. They can find the experience a little intimidating and uncomfortable. The Diamond Smiles Dental Centre are dentists in Barnoldswick with lots of experience putting nervous patients at ease. Their friendly dental team will work with you to make your visit more relaxing and help you keep your teeth and gums in tip-top condition.

Avoid Sugar in Food and Drinks

Sugar is a tooth’s worse enemy. Tooth decay can cause all kinds of problems, including expensive fillings and extractions at the dentist. If left untreated you may need to have an unpleasant root canal procedure.

There is lots of sugar in fizzy drinks and even fruit juices. Cut down on these and switch to water, which is much better for you and will help keep your mouth clean and your breath fresh. Food can contain a lot of sugar, so always read the nutritional information to make sure you are choosing low sugar ingredients.

Brush Your Teeth and Floss

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the key to having healthy teeth and gums is brushing your teeth twice a day. This should already be a part of your daily routine, and if it is not you should start.

Flossing is important too, and not enough people do it daily. You should floss as a part of your evening routine, though flossing after meals is recommended. Flossing between your teeth clears food debris, reducing plaque build-up and protecting your gums from disease.

Stop Smoking and Cut Down on Alcohol

Smoking has too many negative health impacts to list. Smoking causes yellowing and staining of the teeth, which is not nice to look at and causes bad breath.

If you smoke, your teeth and gums are two more reasons to stop. It will also greatly reduce the risk of oral cancers. Alcohol is also bad for your teeth, gums, and tongue. It dries your mouth allowing bacteria to multiply and contains a lot of sugar.

Use Mouthwash Once a Day

Mouthwash can help you protect your gums and tongue as well as your teeth. It will also help you maintain fresh breath throughout the day and cut down on dry mouth.

Bacteria in the mouth cause gum disease as well as causing dryness in the mouth and create sour, unpleasant smells. Anti-bacterial mouthwash kills bacteria and prevents its growth, keeping your mouth clean and your breath fresh.

Use these simple tips to maintain a healthy mouth. Dental health is important to the rest of our bodies, so take some extra steps to protect yourself from gum disease and tooth decay