Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Home Style || How To Help Your Home Feel Bright, Airy & Spacious

Home Style - Collaborative Post

Feeling cramped and contained inside your home is one of the worst things ever, especially when you have nowhere else to escape at the end of a stressful day. A comfortable home is one that is bright, airy and spacious, but if these 3 things are totally unachievable in your current surroundings, then changes need to be made!

Thankfully, this handy guide contains some of the best steps that you can follow to help your home transform into the most inviting and relaxing space around, and it truly couldn’t be easier to get started today. So, what are you waiting for? If you would like to enjoy a bright and airy home, then read on to discover more now.

Let There Be Light!

Light is absolutely key for a home, as having too much darkness can make each room feel dull and depressing to say the very least. A lack of light can leave your home feeling far smaller than it truly is, and the chances are that you’re going to feel pretty low on energy as a result of the low light levels. Instead, when you can take the opportunity to fill your home with all manner of different light sources, you’ll instantly see that your home feels bigger and more spacious! New windows are some of the best options for light at home, as you can let Mother Nature do all of the work on the sunniest of days! You can also choose to add a conservatory to your home, as these extensions often use glass or polycarbonate sheets that let in swathes of sunlight during the summer months. Of course, it’s not always sunny outside so you cannot rely on natural light all year round. This means you also need to have sufficient lighting inside of your home, including LED spotlights in your bathroom or kitchen, and multiple lamps inside cozy rooms such as your bedroom or lounge space. 

Use Creative Storage 

Not having enough storage space inside your home can wreak havoc, as you’ll soon find that you have junk piled high in nearly every room that looks cluttered, dirty and claustrophobic. Allowing ‘stuff’ to take over will ruin any kind of interior decor theme that you have chosen to pursue, as junk is far more distracting and will certainly grab your guest’s attention if you ever have any visitors. Making the most of valuable storage space is key, as you can purchase handy options that double up with another use, such as a storage bench. A storage bench can be filled with stuff from kids toys to cleaning equipment, and then you can simply close the lid to create an attractive seating area! Such an option can be amazing for family homes that are often messy within a few minutes of little ones waking up, so be sure to increase your storage if you want a bright and airy home. 

Bring the outside in

Another way to add to the airy, natural and easy feel to your home is to add plants to the interior of your home. Not only can some plants help to clear the air and improve the quality of the air we breathe, but they are calming to have around and add the perfect little splash of colour to any space too. As well as plants, well placed mirrors can reflect extra light and outside space, making the home feel bigger and lead you to the freshness of the outdoors.

Helping your house to feel more spacious, comfortable and inviting has never been such a simple task!