Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Mama Style || Lots Of Clothes But Nothing To Wear?!

I know I won't be alone in feeling this way and maybe it's harder being plus size and pushing 40, but as the title suggests - I have a whole heap of clothes here, but genuinely feel every single day that I have nothing to wear. Technically I do, my wardrobe is overflowing into 'floordrobe' territory, but nothing goes together, nothing is similar in style and my clothes are just all over the place. Garr.

I have clothes that my 17 year old self would have killed for and clothes that the old lady down the road wouldn't be seen dead in. I've got all sorts from crop tops, to knee length cardigans, slogan jumpers to silky tops. I don't know how I got here but for some reason I find it nearly impossible now to put an outfit together and as a result live in the same few items, wash them and repeat. These clothes generally rotate from being worn, to the wash, to a chair, to being worn again, yet I can barely shut my wardrobe...

I see women in a simple sweatshirt, leggings and trainers combo and they look really well put together, yet when I wear it I look more like I should be out on the streets begging for change, is it just me? I think it's partly my size and not wanting to admit how big I've got and that half my clothes don't fit, but also my age. I don't want to dress older, but can't pull off the clothes younger me would have loved, and I'm struggling to find that middle point that sits right.

Finding inspiration

For me, when I open my wardrobe to the sea of random ill thought out clothes I feel overwhelmed. I don't know where to start. I've recently been looking for inspiration on Instagram but not from famous people or models, but instead from real women that are either my age, my size or that dress in the styles I like. I must say that watching someone give ideas on how to style certain items has really helped me, even if I haven't found anyone that hits my style perfectly. I've found by searching my clothes size and seeing women in my actual size clothes has helped a lot too, but I also find that many dress in ways that just isn't me or are too girly. The girls that do it best are curvy in Vienna on Instagram, thought they are a lot smaller than me they are so positive and inspiring with their posts. Say what you want about influencers but some are genuinely really helpful. So if you're reading this and post that kind of content, please know that you really are helping people!

Streamlining my closet

Step one for me is to streamline my closet, narrow down what I have so that choosing what to wear each days is easier. I think a big part of the problem for me is having too much, so it makes it all feel way more overwhelming that it needs to. So clearing out the unworn, the repeats and the too small is definitely a good place to start! I also have repeats of items that i forgot I had and got another, how bad is that!

Facing facts

Step two is facing facts as to where I'm at in life and what I actually want to wear. I also need to not be storing clothes that I've outgrown, be realistic about my size, only have clothes that fit my current shape and not hang in onto tiny clothes that are unlikely to fit again. I 've said it before, but having clothes that are too small isn't motivation, it's just depressing, they take up space and are a daily reminder to feel crap about yourself. Even if they are just out of sight it's better than having that daily reminder of weight gain. Although I have to for my health and will lose weight, I'd much rather shop again than hold onto all this baggage. Age is another factor. Although I'm a strong believer in wearing whatever makes us happy, I need to focus on my needs and style now and not get clothing that's reminiscent of my youth - which is easier said than done when 90s/00s fashions are in again! Instead I need to focus on things that make me feel good now, don't make me feel silly and that fit my current shape and lifestyle. I think I need a pro stylist or something just to help me put things together, as I love mismatched but it doesn't quite work any more for me and I frankly feel a bit silly and old for a lot of my clothes!

Do you struggle with what to wear each day? If you have any tips please drop them below!