July 10, 2020

Mama Life || 5 Tips - Picking A Safe, New Family Car

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Buying a new or used car is a big purchase and one that we really want to get right first time. Car shopping, particularly when it's a vehicle for the whole family to travel in is not something to be rushed into. The more research you can do before hitting the forecourts the better, as it can be easy to get carried away with a good sales person at the helm and lots of shiny glorious cars. As we are currently in the process of getting a new car, I thought I'd share five tips that may just help you make the right decision if you're looking at buying a new car for your family any time soon too, so you can head out with a list of preferred makes and models, a budget to stick to and a checklist for your needs. So in no particular order, here are my top five tips...


When it comes to travel, safety is always key, but never more so than when travelling with our family and children. When car shopping, make sure any key safety features are included and add any extra safety options you can afford where possible. Be sure to do your research, hit up Google for some recommended safety features and car options, ask family and friends for recommendations too. If you're buying second hand, make sure all the relevant checks have been completed and that you have all the details needed, with any repairs or upgrades done to the correct standard before leaving with your new car. Check on sites like Euro NCAP for quick checks on your preferred models and don't be afraid to ask the dealer for more information if needed before committing to anything.


Space is a godsend when it comes to comfortable family travel, as well as providing ample storage for all the extra baggage, prams, travel cots, camping equipment, shopping or anything else you may need on your trip. Aside from the obvious areas like number of seats, leg room and boot space, if you have smaller children and/babies, make sure there's room for all your car seats, especially if you'll need three in a row. Also, if you have a dog that will be travelling with you, remember space for them too!

Features and fixtures

No matter how short your journey, modern fixtures and features in cars can make the world of difference to your comfort and relaxation when driving or being a passenger. For kids, you may want to check for isofix points and on a smaller scale, things like flip down tables on the back of the front seat, extra leg room for older kids and of course room to grow for your whole family. As a driver, things like parking sensors, built in cameras or satnav may be on your list, but it's well worth checking what gizmos and gadgets are available for the cars you're looking at so you can get the absolute best for you and your family.

Cost to run/repair

Some cars, particularly when buying second hand can feel very exciting being a larger more 'fancier' make, but before you get carried away with buying, make sure that the costs to run will be within your budget for the foreseeable future and that things like repair costs and tyres etc aren't going to be out of your available means. Knowing how much simple and common repairs are likely to cost or if you would need to go to a specialist are all good things to be aware of upfront before you start shopping as they can otherwise come as a bit of a shock later down the line.


The budget we have available to us is probably the biggest decider when it comes to choosing a new car and although it's tempting to buy on credit, make sure you have a set budget for monthly payments or a deposit worked out before you start. If buying on credit, there are various options available through the dealership, or you could consider a low interest loan with affordable monthly payments if you want a more straightforward monetary agreement. When shopping, have your maximum budget in mind and stick to it no matter what as it can be SO easy to get schmoozed into spending more when you're tempted by a lovely new car!

I hope this helps any future family car buying, but if in doubt just remember - stick to your budget, do your research and arm yourself with a list of cars and must have spec before you go.

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