Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Mama Style || Top Tips To Protect Your Hair

Mama Style - Collaborative Post

There is the fact that we are all living with now – we all have a lot of hair and little access to the people who can help us keep it healthy. The team at NUYU have come together to offer some of the best advice for protecting your hair. We want you to maintain that confidence until a time when we can do our magic once more. Here we offer 10 of the best ideas for protecting your hair.

#1 Avoid getting it too wet too often

When your hair gets wet, the water causes it to swell from the inside and, in turn, forces the cuticle up. This is when you will experience frizz and breakage. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to avoid washing your hair too regularly and, ideally, skip a day. If you are worried that your hair is dirty, try using a dry shampoo that absorbs oil, sweat, and odour. You want a dry shampoo that removes dirt from the hair rather than coating it with a powder.

#2 Add a product or two

There is a little-known product call a pre-shampoo. The pre-shampoo acts like a sealant and smooths the cuticle to reduce the amount of damage caused. The sealant also protects the hair from the friction from massaging in the shampoo, which can cause the end to fray. Look for products call pre-wash primer or pre-wash conditioner.

#3 Choose the right shampoo

Experts have taken us through the torrid time of choosing a product with sulphates or not. Most now agree that there is little difference to the damage or fade of your colour. All shampoos are a detergent that will strip some of the condition of your hair. However, some clarifying formulae can literally strip everything from your hair. Try out some of the shampoos that offer advanced haircare or restorative haircare, which promises the lowest detergent.

#4 Heat protection!

If you want to keep soft, shiny hair, you will need a heat protectant spray –use products with methicone or polyquaternium in if using a conditioner – as these won’t rinse off.

#5 Speed up the heat

The less heat on your hair, the better for its condition. Spend a little more time than normal blotting, not rubbing your hair with a towel. Then, use a paper towel to get the excess water out. You will be surprised how much water your hair holds, and you do not want to use the hairdryer to get this excess of your hair. By blotting the hair in this way, you will half the time you need to use heat.

#6 Use your old t-shirts

Here is another odd tip that will raise a well-manicured eyebrow. Rather than using a towel, use an old t-shirt to blot at – not rub – your hair. The cotton t-shirt is much better at caring for the cuticle than a standard towel. Your hair will be left looking a whole lot smoother and healthier.

#7 Cool your head

Now, this is not a tip to help you avoid losing your temper – though your mood does impact on your hair, but this is for a different article. What we are suggesting is that if your hair is still hot after drying then it is still cooking. Think of the steak on the BBQ that when removed from the heat still sizzles for a while. There is a cold button on your hairdryer for a reason – it is there to cool the hair after drying and stop the ongoing potential damage of the heat.

#8 Be a bit creative

Over the last few months, you have likely had to be more than a little creative. You have been trying different styles and different products – and generally giving your hair a battering. However, how about being creative in the way that you prevent hair damage. You could, for instance, sleep with damp hair in loose braids. You do not then have to use a hairdryer, and it will give you smooth curls as if you are straight from the beach.

#9 Treats please

Go on… you know you deserve a treat or two. Your scalp will react wonderfully to a treatment or two, especially ones that prevent blockage and inflammation of the follicles. It will also make you feel better, as we always tend to do when we have pampered ourselves.

#10 And for the shine…

Finally, invest in some shine sprays and serums. The biggest problem with not being able to get a regular cut is the general dullness. Therefore, to get a natural shine to your hair, go for some dry oils, which contain the lightest silicones and oils. This will give the impression of healthy hair and help you hold yourself with more confidence.