Friday, June 25, 2021

Create || Launching My Own Fabric Designs & Patterns

Since rekindling my love of art, I've been dabbling with pattern making and using different mediums and I've had a lot of fun experimenting. One thing I struggled with though was getting to grips with repeat seamless patterns. I watched tutorials and they just went straight over my head, but I've since learnt how to make them and it's actually very simple once you've had some practice. I still have a long long way to go, but I have managed to learn enough to get started and just last week I set up a new Instagram just for my fabric designs and I must say I am really enjoying it!

Some of my designs will be sold as exclusives, which means that they will only be sold once, to one person or business for their sole use. Non-exclusive patterns will be a lot cheaper but also sold multiple times. It's all a bit of trial and error at the moment, with some designs being grid sales only on Insta, and some as repeat listings on Etsy

My designs are pretty simple so far, but I'm gradually learning more to get more intricate and interesting designs. If you want to follow this journey, please come see me on Instagram or over on Etsy. Here's a few more designs so far: