Thursday, June 10, 2021

Home Style || 5 Ways To Utilise Space In Your Home

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Smaller homes are becoming more trendy in the modern age. All generations are looking into the best ways to maximise their living and making the most of their space. Bigger no longer means better when it comes to housing and this has never been clearer in the housing market. It is now all about maximising space. From the kitchen to the living room, it’s all about being resourceful and avoiding open, unwanted areas. Below are 5 ways you can make the most of the space in your home.

Floating Shelves

Everybody has different tastes when it comes to art and wall d├ęcor. You want to put your own stamp on your home with your own personal tastes. Paintings and other wall art have often been an essential part of interior decorations, and this is even more relevant now.

Walls have always been an underutilised resource in the home. Whilst great for hanging pictures, they are also great for storage. A bookshelf which covers the wall no longer has to contain just books. It can contain toys, mementos and even plants. Indoor pants have become more popular, and they no longer have to reside on tables.

Colourful Paintings

If you’re not into shelves and want something a little more ‘entertaining’ to capture the eye at home, statement wall art is great way to go. The right painting can go a long way to really capturing the mood in your home, and also ensuring that there is not too much emptiness in your home. Another positive is that it is an ice breaker for any visitors, and perhaps more importantly, keeps you occupied during a work call or Zoom quiz.

Consider Sofa Beds

Sofa beds aren’t new, but they’ve not always been utilised correctly. Due to obvious reasons, a lot of people now work from home. This has meant living rooms and gardens have doubled up as offices. With a sofa bed, you can make your spare room a lot more spacious. This will allow space for the room to double up as an office. It also means you can have visitors without the fuss of moving everything around every time a family member or friend wants to stay over. Just simply pull out the sofa bed and settle in. It’s all about maximising the potential space of your home.

Utilise The Backs Of Doors

Put simply, doors are a necessity but they are also nuisance. Whichever way they swing, they are likely to be in the way. You can make sure they are a great space saver though. An example would be hooks over the back of the doors for your jackets. Not limited to just kitchen or bedroom doors, kitchen cabinet doors can also be a great space saver. There are so many door hook appliances now which you can use to hang utensils on. Sponges, jewellery, and even marigolds for example would be great to hang on the back of doors. They therefore are hidden away and don’t take up all the room in your kitchen.

Store Away Items You Don’t Use

The chances are that you do not use all the items in your household. Even in a larger home, sometimes you just have too many items and appliances. It’s more noticeable in a smaller house. The best thing to do would be to remove these items from your house. This doesn’t mean you need to throw things away, you just need to find somewhere to store them. Some homeowners develop a rule. If its not been used for 12 months then it goes into a storage unit. That way it is still retrievable but is also not taking up all the room in your home.

There are various ways to ensure your home is not cramped. These solutions are great ways to keep up with the trends of a smaller house, but also ensure you’ve got room to move around and feel comfortable in your own home.