September 10, 2021

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Iron is a fantastic material to use for the external features of your home. It is highly durable when treated correctly and can help deliver a striking aesthetic for buildings. Additionally, incorporating cast iron into the exterior of your home is excellent if you shy away from modern design styles. With its long and rich history, iron can help a home to look effortlessly classical yet sleek and stylish. Read on for some tips on how to incorporate iron outside your house.

Wrought Iron Gates

Iron is perfectly suited for building fences and gates due to its durability and strength. Wrought iron is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials that homeowners can use to delimit the perimeter of their property. The material is not just resilient to everyday use, but it can even withstand unexpected damage like a collision with a vehicle.

On top of its strength, wrought iron is also very easy to maintain. While the initial cost of the materials and installation is comparatively high, maintenance costs are next to nothing. It requires little maintenance, and when it does, all it takes is a wire brush to scrub it down and a fresh coat of paint.

The durability, security and ease of maintenance for wrought iron gates and fences make it a brilliant choice. Additionally, the material will bring a touch of elegance and style to the exterior of the building.

Wrought Iron Windows

Wrought iron windows are durable, affordable and stylish. In fact, wrought iron windows can easily last a lifetime, requiring minimal maintenance during this period.

One of the primary benefits of wrought iron windows over wooden ones is that they will not warp or rot. Additionally, the iron can be protected from rust thanks to treatment options like applying a zinc powder to the material’s surface.

If you are looking for a truly striking, custom design for your home, then wrought iron windows are likely your best bet. When it comes to creating custom window frames and windows, iron is the most affordable option and is also the most versatile.

Finally, when wrought iron is used in the fabrication of windows, it provides a much higher level of security than wood or plastic. It’s far stronger than these other materials, which can deter burglars.

Cast Iron Guttering

Cast iron drainpipes are perfect for heritage and listed buildings. Therefore if you own an older or listed building, you might be required to use cast iron drainage solutions on the property to preserve its history.

However, this isn’t the only situation cast iron downpipes can be used. The remarkable durability and strength that cast iron offers mean that the guttering will often last for more than a century. This reduces the number of repairs you will need to do and the likelihood of unexpected water damage from broken gutters. You can find cast iron rainwater drainage solutions here.

On the whole, iron is one of the best choices homeowners can make for the exterior of their buildings. It is both resilient and stylish, providing security and functionality over an extended period without looking like an eyesore.

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