September 02, 2021

Mama Life || Picking The Right Gifts For Men

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Most gifts aren’t gender exclusive, and any man or woman can enjoy all kinds of gifts without any type of restriction. However, there may be an occasion where the male friend in your life is yearning for something highly specific, which can actually be pretty helpful as they can be so hard to buy for!

Finding inspiration can sometimes be difficult, with every person being very different, getting the right gift can be a challenge. Here's a few suggestions that may help you find the right thing...

Think Fashion

Quality in the fashion world can be pretty expensive, but with enough research, you can find a sense of balance to get the right gift within your budget. Research fashion gifts for men under £50 for some inspiration on what clothes or accessories may please your male friend or partner. If you go down a more cost-effective route, you may be able to buy more than just one item. You could even put together an entire ensemble for them, with added watches and bags etc.

If your buying for someone that loves a vintage style, you could even opt for pre-loved clothing for a cool 90's vibe or upcycle an old item of clothing to make something completely unique. Maybe you're buying for someone that really just likes to dress practically instead of trying to 'look trendy', in which case some clothing to fit their sporting ventures, some cosy clothes or even PJs can be a good shout.

Support Existing (and Cheeky) Habits

It might be worth assessing his habits and indulging them, even if they are on the cheekier side. Do this, and you can display of how well you know them and buy them something that you know they'll definitely make use of.

For instance, a bottle of good whisky may hit the spot, a poker set or even some specialised grooming products may go down well if that's their 'thing'. Try to lean into what he enjoys doing, and work with that for a little inspiration, after all we want them to really love the gift!

If you would rather not fund your pal’s smoking habits, you could instead encourage some vaping tendencies. Take a look at AquaVape’s guide on vape liquids so that you can make more informed purchase decisions. You can also browse their full range of inventory, which is wide, diverse, and affordable, so there's bound to be something there to suit everyone.

Freshen Up Their Look

Though many guys will act like they don’t care what they look like, chances are the majority of them work hard to get a ‘bed head’ look in the morning anyway. Some grooming kits and tools could go a long way in getting your guy friend back in their prime. It’s the perfect sentiment for a gift idea. After all, rugged lockdown looks have been popular among men recently, so you may be a key helper if they want to start rebuilding their sense of self with a fresh appearance. A grooming kit shows them that you care about their well-being and self-esteem and that you’re not judging them for wanting a change either.

For more ideas, keep an eye out in the coming months for my seasonal gift guides!

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