Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Healthy Mama || Top Tips For Battling Sweat

Healthy Mama | Collaborative Post

As someone that's always been conscious of sweating, pretty much all year round, it's safe to say that I've looked into many ways of treating it and learning the things I can do to make it not only occur less, but to show up less too. I don't have a particular problem with sweat, it's just that a) I'm plus size and b) I suffer from anxiety a lot and for some reason one of my body's responses to this is to sweat! So it really doesn't matter if it's 30 degree summer heat or a foot deep in snow, if I start feeling anxious, I often start sweating too. 

The worst thing for me is how restricting it is clothing wise. I've spent a lot of my life head to toe in black, terrified that if I dare wear certain colours or even fabrics, that the dreaded sweat marks could show up, which although shouldn't matter, it's something that makes me feel very self conscious. I thought I'd share a few tips for battling with the dreaded sweats to help anyone else that may have to alter their wardrobe or live in fear of looking like they've just run a marathon! Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) is something that effects many people and is way more common than you think, so here's a few ways to stay on top of it.


Although we shouldn't have to drastically alter what we wear, it's wise to make some good choices fabric wise as this can have a massive effect on your body temperature as well as how well your skin can breathe. If you can, choose natural materials such as cotton, as manmade/synthetic materials can trap sweat, causing bacteria to hide and odours to form. Also, wearing looser fitting clothing will allow for more air flow and therefore less sweat. When working out, opt for looser clothing unless it's specially made sportswear, geared up to tackle super sweats!

Hygiene & Deodorant

Although sweat issues are not caused by poor hygiene, it's good for all of us to keep on top of it, making sure we shower regularly and wear fresh clothing. This alone won't cure the sweating, but it will make you feel more comfortable and less conscious of the odour side of things! As well as keeping fresh, a good deodorant can work wonders battling sweat, and it may take a few tries to find one that suits you well and does the job. There's many out there to choose from now, as well as more eco friendly deodorant bars and powders. When choosing your deodorant, opt for something with anti-bacterial properties as the less bacteria there is, the less odour. 

Use a Iontophoresis machine

If you've not heard of them, an Iontophoresis machine is basically a drug free way of reducing/stopping the production of sweat from the sweat glands using a light electrical current. If you have a problem with sweat, then these machines are a great investment and will save money in the long term, giving you a more permanent solution from sweat and dryness right where you need it. Many people have found these machines far more successful than creams/deodorants/injections and you can buy your own machines to keep at home - perfect for warmer months or anxious times when sweating is more of a problem.

Sort out your core temp

If your sweat issues are mainly caused by heat, then reducing your core temperature is always a winner. Sipping cool iced drinks or nibbling on ice chips can send a message to your core that you are cool enough already, and remind it that it doesn't need to produce more sweat to cool you down. Likewise, a cool compress to the back of your neck will do the same job.

It's important to remember that sweating is totally normal for everyone, of every shape and size, but if you feel self conscious at times or uncomfortable with your sweating, then hopefully these tips will give you a helping hand!