Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Home Style || Tips For Finding The Perfect Cleaning Service

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Cleaning services are important for any home or business, whether it's a simple window clean you need or a regular weekly clean. But if you don't know what you're looking for, it can be hard to find an affordable, trustworthy and reliable cleaning service that provides quality work. From fly by night companies that don't care about your satisfaction to high end businesses that charge an absolute fortune, there are many pitfalls for the average homeowner or businessperson.

I thought I'd share these five tips that may just help you find an affordable yet reliable professional cleaning service in no time!

Know your Budget and Needs First

There is no point in looking for a service if the price they are charging won't fit into your business or personal budget. By knowing this up front, it will save both of you time and energy when comparing services later on down the road!

And it's not just about the price. You also need to know what you're getting for that money, whether it's deep cleaning or basic surface treatment. Professional services, like Calibre Cleaning, will generally have websites that provide this information - offering transparency in services offered.

Before anything else, quickly check the condition of your home, and find out what service you really need. If you live a minimalist lifestyle, you may simply need a quick clean once every two weeks, as it's easier to do.

Check Business Directories

For those looking for a local business to clean their home or office space, checking directories such as Yelp and Google My Business can be an excellent way to find what you're looking for.

Both of these sites allow people to post reviews and ratings on businesses they have used before. This is extremely helpful in finding out whether the company has satisfied its customers in the past, and if it's worth your time even inquiring about services. The more positive feedback that a service gets from previous clients will also help give you some piece of mind!

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is another great resource for this information - especially since it offers easy access to all complaints filed against any given service online! By using BBB records, not only will you know if the service has any complaints filed against them, but also how they responded to those complaints.

Find out How Much Experience they Have in Their Industry

It definitely doesn't help if a company has 20 years of domestic home cleaning under their belt but only one year of commercial office work. Different types of properties require very different services and approaches, so make sure the service you are considering is experienced enough.

Inexperienced cleaners are more likely to cause damage to your property or make mistakes for an undesirable clean. A pro, meanwhile, has seen it all and done it all, and is more likely to produce a high-quality clean. Reputable services will know every trade secret, from using white vinegar to the right cleaning products for your floors.

One way to find out if the service is experienced enough for your particular job is to ask them directly! If they are confident that they have the skills needed then chances are that they will provide an excellent cleaning service.

Make Price Comparisons Among Your Candidates

Once you have narrowed down your list of services to three or four, it's time to compare prices.

Don't just look at the bottom line cost either! Most cleaning companies offer different types of packages - basic surface treatment only versus deep cleanings for example. Make sure that you're comparing apples with apples when looking at price quotes so that you don't end up paying more than necessary in the long run!

Last but not least is making sure everything fits within what you budgeted earlier on in this process. Sometimes even if one service seems affordable, another might be able to fit their services into your allotted spending cap and still provide an excellent quality job overall!

Ask the Right Questions

When speaking over the phone with a service representative, it can provide insight into their knowledge of the industry, expertise in your particular cleaning needs, and overall reputation.

Asking specific questions can help you get a better idea for how professional they are with each job type - whether it's commercial or residential!

When speaking with them on the phone, ask about services offered, what is included in those packages (ie deep cleanings vs basic surface treatment), any extra fees that may be involved, and what their hourly rate is.

Make sure to ask about how long they have been providing services for as well - especially if it's a newer company! This will give you an idea of whether or not the job can be trusted with such a new business.

Other questions you can ask include:

Can they dispatch cleaners on short-notice?

Do they have public liability insurance? This will cover any property damage a cleaner causes to your property.

What is their cancellation policy?

If you're not happy with the service then do they offer a refund or credit towards future work?

How much notice will I need to give in order for them to send cleaners out on my preferred date and time?

Can they clean houses that inhabit pets? And if so, what price can you expect?