Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Home Style || Top Roofing Trends for 2022

Home Style - Collaborative Post

If you’re planning to replace your roof soon or designing a new build, you’re probably wondering what the top design trends for this year are.

Whilst much emphasis is placed on interior design, exterior design is becoming a critical part of property planning. It impacts the aesthetic appeal of the property, but it can also impact future property maintenance costs and energy usage.

With the cost of heating rising exponentially this year, building an energy-efficient property is more important than ever. With many of us now mindful of our carbon footprint – we’re witnessing a rise in the use of eco-friendly roofing materials.

Eco-friendly Roofing Trends


Solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular addition to UK properties. Whilst 10 years ago, it was a rare sight to see a solar panel attached to a residential property in the UK, it is now rare to see a street where at least 1 house isn't utilising solar energy.

We're now seeing the likes of Tesla entering the roofing market with their top-of-the-range solar roofing. It's beautifully designed but rather complex to install. As with any solar roofing option, the upfront cost is high, but this can often pay for itself within a decade, thanks to the money you save on electricity bills.


You may not have heard of cool roofs, as they're more prominent in US and European properties than those in the UK. They are designed to reflect more sunlight than a conventional roof and thus reduce the requirement for cooling the property.

We Brits spend hundreds of pounds cooling our property in the summer months with fans and AC units. A cool roof can help keep the internal temperature of a property down and save on your electricity bills.


Green roofs are a relatively new phenomenon that has grown dramatically over the last few years. As the name would suggest, green roofs are covered in plants and vegetation that can bring a host of benefits to your property and the planet.

Green roofs can help to improve a property's drainage system and reduce the stress on traditional water pipes and sewage systems. Instead, water from rainfall is stored in plants and substrates before being released naturally into the environment.

As you'd expect, green roofs tend to be more expensive than traditional roofing, not least because of the additional support required to handle the increased load. A green roof can add 50-200kg per metre squared to an existing rooftop. You'll also need to be somewhat adept in gardening to keep the vegetation on your roof thriving and looking aesthetically pleasing.

Architectural Roofing Trends


Flat roofs are becoming very popular in the UK. Many will consider them more trendy than a typical pitched roof, and they're ideal for climates with heavy rainfall.

Flat roofs are also an excellent option for homes with limited space. Often with smaller properties, a pitched roof is awkward to install and maintain because the slopes are very steep, and the angles are sharp.


Metal roofing has been prevalent for a while, but its been in and out of trend. In 2022, metal roofing is considered highly trendy, especially in colours like dark grey and charcoal. Metal is also very durable, long-lasting and weatherproof.

If you're wondering what the catch is, it's costly. So if you're looking for a budget-friendly option, metal roofing probably isn't the one!

Hopefully, this gives you some food for thought regarding your next roofing project. Remember, make sure you consult an established roofing company before making any decisions. Roofs can be complex and nuanced, so consulting an expert can help to save you a lot of time, money and stress.