Thursday, March 31, 2022

Home Style || The Best Tactics to Use for Speeding Up the Sale of Your Property

Home Style - Collaborative Post

When it comes to selling any home, appearance and great first impressions matter more than most. This is because homebuyers aren’t going to be wowed by your property if it’s not up to scratch. If you’re ready to sell, you may have several reasons to want to sell it as quickly as possible. You may have a new job that begins soon in another city, or to settle debts. 

Whatever the reason, here are some useful tactics you can implement today that will get your property off the listing pages quicker than you anticipate

Choose the Right Selling Method

The method you use to sell your home will be the biggest factor in terms of how quickly the process takes. You’ll need to pick a reputable estate agent in your area who boasts promising testimonials. When you see they have a back catalogue of happy sellers, this should fill you with confidence. To shorten theselling process, FastBuy Properties may be able to help. They can provide a free valuation of your property and offer quick house sale options. 

If you opt for a traditional estate agent, factors like surveys, home reports, and multiple viewings can slow down the entire process. Also, the time of year you sell can have an impact. The market tends to be most active been March and July. It’s more likely you’ll encounter issues during the winter months like November and December, partly down to the fact homebuyers have Christmas as their main focus, rather than moving house.

Price Wisely

An effective approach to getting your home off the market quickly is by pricing it competitively. Should you price it too high, your property may stay on listing sites longer than you would like. Also, overpricing may result in you selling up for less. On the other hand, pricing too low may attract more buyers, but you’re not going to get the best asking price.

Hiring an estate agent can help with how to pricyour property correctly. They will research comparable homes in your area to come up with a realistic asking price. If you need to sell fast, it may be wise to price your property a little lower. But just make sure you don’t go overboard! 

Boost Your Kerb Appeal

For homeowners wanting a quick sale, making an excellent first impression is a must. When a buyer pulls up for a viewing, your property’s exterior is the first thing they’ll see. This means you need to pull out all the stops to hook buyers in. Boosting your home’s kerb appeal is a great way to achieve this. The kerb appeal determines the attractiveness of a property and its surroundings.

Some of the best tactics for boosting kerb appeal include painting your front door, planting flowers, and washing your windows. If there are any nasty spiderwebs or debris on your windows and porch, ensure they’re taken care of beforehand. Any trees and shrubs should be nicely manicured too. A well-maintained exterior signals to homebuyers that you’ve taken excellent care of your place and sets the scene for what’s on the inside of your property.

Take Care of Quick Repairs

If you’re wanting to sell your property quickly, you may not have the time for major renovation work. Instead, you need to concentrate on quick repairs that can yield great results. There are minor issues that could potentially deter buyers from putting an offer in. It’s wise to get a home survey so you can determine what problems need to be fixed immediately.

Fixing loose tiles, tightening leaky faucets, and adding a fresh coat of paint to your home’s exterior and interior can instantly freshen up your property. If there are any carpet stains, a mixture of dish soap, white vinegar and water can get rid of them for good. Depending on how much cash and time you have, you may want to update fixtures and purchase new appliances. 

Clean, Declutter, and Depersonalise

Once you’ve sorted out minor repairs, it’s time to give your home a good clean. However, if you have lots of junk piled up, removing clutter is essential. After all, homebuyers don’t want to walk into a space that feels cramped and overcrowded. While there are obvious benefits to decluttering like creating more space, doing so can prevent pests, reduce mould and mildew building up, and increase the value of your home.

After you’ve decluttered and done a thorough clean, you need to remove any sentimental items away from show. Viewers need to imagine themselves living in your home, so having a photo of your kids on the mantlepiece isn’t going to help! Simply hide any personal items in storage until viewings are over.

We know how stressful selling a property can be. You don’t want the process to be drawn-out and leave you exhausted. Therefore, following the tactics above can keep the sale moving, and get you in your new home quicker