Saturday, November 12, 2022

Create || 5 Tips For Bringing Back Your Art Mojo

We all have times as artists, where we just stare at a blank canvas and just have nothing come to mind whatsoever. There is nothing worse than losing your creative mojo, especially when it’s your full time job! 

As someone that struggles with this fairly often, I thought I’d share some tips that I’ve found really help to re-spark your brain with some ideas, and get you back into designing, painting or whatever else you’re stuck with.

Have a break

Sometimes switching things up and just having a break to do something totally different can be just the thing to get you mind back into the game. You may want to do something different entirely, or just take a break and relax, but sometimes this can help reset your art mojo.

Start with a colour palette

Sometimes something as simple as having a colour palette for inspiration can get the juices flowing. Google search for colour palettes, with terms like ‘70’s colour palette’ or ‘summer colour palette’ and save or print some images. Sometimes just seeing the colours together in front of you can bring inspiration.

Try a different creative project

If you’re usually a digital artist for example, make a change for some real life printing on canvas, pen and paper sketching, watch some YouTube tutorials or try a completely new art or craft all together. Sometimes this can ignite some new ideas, give you inspo for mixed media creations or just help you relax enough to re-ignite the artistic side of your brain.

Get into nature

Spending time in nature is  true inspiration. Being close to natural waters, trees, wildlife and flowers can give you heaps of ideas, as well as plenty of fresh air and endorphins to lift your mood. You could take photos to work from later on, or sometimes just sitting outside in nature with a notebook can be good fodder for coming up with lists of new ideas.

Look back at your old work

Sometimes we can lose our way a little, but looking back on our old work or where we started our artistic journey can be really inspiring. When we’re creating art for income, it’s very easy to get stuck in a rut with what sells best, but we need to look back to a time when we were just creating for ourselves or for fun. If the work doesn’t inspire, it can at least show you how far you’ve come and how much your art has improved!