Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Home Style || 2 Favourite Colourful Home Insta Accounts

Our house is still looking like we've been burgled by a herd of wild horses, but I'm growing ever increasingly more obsessed with stalking other houses on Instagram and seeing how people just throw the best things out there. One thing I'm really loving at the moment which is a stark contrast to the white and greys that flood the home pages is the mismatched multicoloured maximalist houses, packed with colours, textures, thrifty buys, modern art work, the most unusual trinkets and lighting to die for. These houses are just like something from iconic Wes Anderson movies, perfection. A sprinkle of retro, a dash of sparkle and a whole heap of rainbow make these homes just beautiful. Even if they aren't for you for living in, you have to appreciate the decor and how they bring everything together! Here are my two favourite Instagram accounts that I just feel have this down to a T!

Kate Rose Morgan

Kate's home styling is just incredible, with an array of glorious pinks - it's just a dream. With a strong pink focus, the house is packed head to toe with soft pastels and beautifully placed contrasting colours with plants, art prints and wallpaper. For me, everything is brought together with the flow of pinks and the use of different textures to make up this wonderful home, with metal grid shelving, fluffy faux fur cushions, natural leaves and plenty of vintage thrown in for good measure. Even if pink isn't your thing, I don't think you could deny how well this house flows and how gorgeous it is! Find Kate on Instagram by clicking here.

Pretty Pocket Projects

Pretty Pocket Projects is an account run by Tasha, and it's absolutely incredible. Each room just looks packed with love and stories, with a mixture of colours and the most amazing turquoise and pink kitchen! I've followed Tasha for a while now and she has so much fun creating her perfect home, graffiti painting walls, adding colourful tapes to floors and adding colour to every section of her home - including the toilet! I bet makes it all makes her smile every single day!

This house is a lot, and it's not for everyone but it's so creative and I love seeing someone make a space their own, using all the space they can and making a house that truly reflects them, I think we should all be a bit more Tasha! Find Pretty Pocket Projects by clicking here.

I picked these accounts as I love them both so much, the passion that they put into their homes and the talent they clearly have for turning their imagination into reality - something I often struggle with, particularly when it comes to decorating. I'm also really really nosey, so I love accounts that share their homes like this! I think we all need to be a bit more adventurous and create homes that make us smile every single day, but do you love a lot of colour in your home or are you a 'less is more' person?