Thursday, August 03, 2023

Home Style || Adding Privacy To Your Urban Space

Collaborative Post

Living and working in an urban city centre area definitely has its perks. I love being close to everything I need, near to the main transport hubs and having every shop and eatery on the doorstep, but there are of course downsides too. 

Lack of decent parking and excess noise can be an issue, but the big one for me is privacy and not feeling over looked in my own home or when I'm working - also from home! I'm also very very easily distracted, so as much as I don't want to feel like I'm on full display, I don't need to be seeing every person/cat/dog walking past to distract me either.

With this in mind, I thought I'd share some ways that you can successfully get some privacy in your home or work space, to avoid feeling like you have eyes on you while you're trying to relax or work. If like me you work from home, then you still want the light and space around you, just without the distractions of the outside or knowing people can see you. Here's some tips for creating the privacy you need, without having to compromise on the look and feel of the spaces you love.

Decorative films for windows

If you want something that takes up no space but still allows all that glorious natural light through, you may want to consider investing in one of the many kinds of decorative glass finishes available nowadays. These films come in lots of styles, colours and textures, giving you the option to not only add a little privacy, but improve your decor at the same time. These films don't just have to be used on external windows, but can be used internally too in areas where you just need that little extra privacy or decor, without spending too much or losing much needed floor space.

Shutters and blinds

If you want something a little more solid that can be used as and when needed, then getting some suitable shutters or blinds for your windows may be a good option, for complete privacy. I always think shutters, although a more costly option, are great because they can be adjusted to the right angles to let in light or block off particular areas in view. There are so many options now and many don't have to be professionally installed, with some clipping into the window frames or simply hanging from hooks. 

Use plants and shrubs

You may want to break up the field of view with some plants, which will not only give you a little privacy inside or out, but also help clear the air and add a little life to your spaces. When carefully placed, plants can give you that little bit of privacy you need by just softening the space and helping to feel less overlooked. 

If it's your garden that feels over looked, then higher plants and planters, as well as climbers can help block off some nosy neighbours, without losing too much light and space. If you want a little more privacy, you may even want to add some free standing privacy screens that can be moved where needed.

Move your furniture

Sometimes, the best way to feel more privacy when your'e at home is to adjust the furniture and workspace you already have. You may want the light from the window, but perhaps can position your desk on another wall, so you get the benefit of the light without feeling over-looked while you're working - or getting distracted by things happening outside! You can even create private spaces by rearranging furniture and sectioning off areas with things like book cases and large planters. By breaking up the space, you'll feel more contained and private.

The biggest things to think about when considering you options of more privacy are your budget, how much space you can give up, how much light you may lose and how these additions can really add value to your space whilst only adding to the look and feel. What would you go for?