Friday, May 24, 2024

Mama Life || Staycation Car Journey Tips - To Keep You Safe & Sane!

Collaborative Post

With half term on the horizon and the summer holidays coming up fast, many of us are looking forward to getting away somewhere with our families for a bit of fun and sunshine, or most likely rain if you're staying in the UK!

Staycations are a great choice for a getaway, not only are they cheaper from the off, but we've also got so much to offer here from stunning beaches, beautiful scenery and a whole host of wildlife to spot and historic places to explore.

The downside for me and probably most families, is the journey. Not only is it long and boring, it's probably also too hot, noisy and if the kids don't sleep it can be a little manic and stressful too. We need to make sure we have enough drinks and snacks, things to entertain the kids and avoid getting stuck in traffic, so the last thing we need to be worrying about is whether the car will even make it there or what we'd do if we break down. 

With that in mind, I thought I'd share some quick tips for your family travels this summer. With a little bit of preparation we can be armed with everything we need for every scenario, meaning we can kick back, sing along to our favourite tunes and look forward to our holiday knowing nothing will stop us.

Safety checks

Before you go anywhere, and preferably a day or more before hand, make sure to do all the relevant safety checks before you get on the road, so you get no nasty surprises on the way. You need to check your oil levels, make sure you have enough coolant, window washer fluid and petrol so you don't have to pay expensive motorway service prices to fill up. As well as these, make sure all your lights are working, all your tyres are pumped up sufficiently and that you have the correct amount of tread on the tyre. The last thing you need is a blow out on the motorway! If you do these checks early, there'll be less panic or delay to replace or fix anything that needs tweaking. You may even want to consider booking in for a quick pre-holiday health check at your local garage. These are reasonably cheap but they will check all the essentials as well as making sure you have decent breaks and battery life.

Have a back up

If the worst happens, you may want to make sure you have some kind of rescue service on hand in case of a break down. They will soon get you on your way, to your destination or to a local garage. If your battery dies however, there is something you can invest in to help yourself. Now, enter the unsung hero of the automotive world - the trickle charger. Unlike traditional battery chargers that deliver a high current to quickly charge a battery, trickle chargers provide a slow, steady stream of power. This gentle approach not only prevents overcharging but also helps maintain the health of your battery over time. This battery charger delicately nurtures your battery, ensuring it remains in peak condition for years to come.

Get lots of sleep, hydration and breaks

Make sure you are well rested with plenty of sleep before you go, as well as staying hydrated so you are as alert and awake as you can be while you're driving. It can be tempting to keep driving as long as you can to get there quicker, but breaks can give you a quick recharge and keep you more alert by breaking up the journey. You could schedule stops at places of interest, to make the journey more enjoyable and not seem as long.

Plan before you go

Before you go, it's worth familiarising yourself with the route, even if you'll be following sat nav. This means you can look up for road signs a little more than having to check the screen. It also means that if there are road blocks, you'll have a better idea of which direction to go for an alternative route. You could also plan sharing the driving if possible and what stops you'll make along the way to get there in a good time, but with those safe breaks too.

Pack a car bag

Make sure to pack a bag specifically for the journey. In this you'll want to include snacks and drinks to save money on route, as well as things like travel games, fidgets, gadgets and anything else to keep the kids entertained while you travel. Make sure devices are charged and that you have chargers available for use in the car too. Remember to stick some spare clothes in for those inevitable drinks spills, and make sure you have everything needed for kids and pets to keep them comfortable.

I hope this helps to plan your journey this year, we'll probably be heading up the coast to Yorkshire as I love the fossil hunting there. Enjoy your staycation!