Monday, November 10, 2014

Nigel the wonder duck

I always wanted my children to love cuddly toys like I did, my son absolutely does. He has lots of favourites, Nigel, Dave, The Santa brothers, rabbit, other rabbit, ah ah, big ah ah, the list goes on. By far his absolute favourite is Nigel, Nigel the wonder duck.
Nigel is not allowed out the house or even the bedroom sometimes, though he is allowed on holiday with us but cannot leave the caravan or hotel room!

When A was about 5 days old we went to TK Maxx where I spotted Nigel, a gangly stripy squeaky duck. I showed it to A who smiled straight at him, OK so it may have been wind but I took it as a sign and went straight to pay for Nigel, they have slept together night and day ever since. 

When I went into hospital to have baby S, I knew that A would have to stay over at his uncles house and that he would only sleep if Nigel was with him. I didn't want Nigel to leave the house even then so Nigel's back-up 'Dave' came out to play. I let him finally open the package that I had to buy three years before in case anything ever happened to Nigel. He was so excited by Dave, he had a fresh squeak, his beak wasn't crusty and he was still plump and plush. Dave could stand in for Nigel and look after him.

Since introducing my son to Dave he has decided that all his toys need a partner. Nigel was apparently lonely before but he is happy now he has a friend in Dave, yes my son is the sweetest! His Santa cuddly has been lonely for some time and all he asked for for Christmas so far this year was another Santa to keep him company. I couldn't wait until Christmas so as soon as they were back in Primark, Bob Santa had a friend too, Brian. It's my sons love for his coupled toys that meant the new John Lewis advert really struck a chord with me, it brings tears to my eyes every time, its so lovely but mainly because it reminds me so much of my boy and his lovable antics with his little toys. How sweet to be so worried about their happiness!

So Nigel, Dave and everybody else are the most loved and cared for toys in the world, they get read stories, go on adventures (mainly in the orange 'boat', go to bed tucked up in their own blankets and cuddled to within an inch of their stitches.

Alfie chose his sister a toy to give her at the hospital. Her name is Nigella, the slightly rounder bottomed jingly version on Nigel!

Nigel the wonder duck. The greatest duck in all the land.

(I have even had to draw a giant Nigel duck on his bedroom sketch wall.)

Does your child have a special toy?

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