December 07, 2014

The One Lovely Blog Award - The Christmas Tag

I was nominated for the 'One Lovely Blog Award' by Katy as well as the 'Christmas Tag'. I will combine them both here for ease of reading and also seeing as it's the season, I'll follow Katy's lead by doing 'OLBA' on a Christmas theme.

I absolutely love Christmas and have had the most Christmassy day possible today and I am absolutely beaming! 

Here are my answers to the Christmas Tag questions first...

Whats your favourite Christmas movie?

'ELF'! I have watched it twice today and for the first time with my son who is three, he loved it! I equally love 'Home Alone' so it was a close call but Elf just makes me so happy.

Do you open your presents on Christmas eve or Christmas morning?

Christmas morning! I also used to open one on Christmas eve as a kid as i was just totally uncontrollably excited! We open them all in the morning though now but i have made a Christmas eve box for my husband and son the last two years so maybe I'll do that again. For anyone that doesn't know what a Christmas eve box is, its a gift box with new pyjamas, an xmas dvd, a hot chocolate mix and some film snacks! Well that's what mine is anyway...

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

My favourite Christmas memory was just my Uncle David as a whole, he was amazing, so funny, he got me wind up toys, a fluffy snowman, he always made jokes,  he was always happy and fun and loved playing hide and seek (which meant he went to the garden for a cigar!) He was much much cooler than any of the other grown ups.

Favourite festive food?

Gammon! We always had a honey roasted gammon joint alongside the turkey, I absolutely love it and i could demolish the whole joint if I was allowed! A close second is Cadbury's chocolate which i have for Christmas breakfast!

Favourite Christmas gift?

My fluffy snowman plush from Uncle David, He asked me if I wanted one and it appeared as if by magic, totally loved it! really hoping my mum still has him somewhere too.

Favourite Christmas scent?

Real Christmas tree pine smell. You literally cant beat it! We have a fake tree (much to my husbands horror) but as the stands where the same price as the tree round here we thought we would leave it until we are feeling more flush. In the mean time, fake tree and a pine scented candle.

Do you have any Christmas eve traditions?

Yes the xmas eve box as mentioned above, a new tradition! Otherwise, my husband is usually home early from work and we just have a lovely cosy chilled out day, open the boxes, pop our cosies on and watch a Christmas film.

What tops your tree?

At the moment a large paper fold out star from Poundland, the angels on the tree somewhere. I would like to make something with my son though to go on top so maybe that  can be a craft for this coming week.

As a child what was the one gift you always wanted but never received?

I don't really remember wanting anything much apart from teddy bears, I've always been easily pleased! I remember seeing those small sit in cars that you could drive and thinking that would be amazing but they cost about a grand in those days so I would have never expected one! I think it is very different now for some families who spend an absolute fortune (not mine!) it can be a bit over the top. So far my son hasn't asked for anything that costs more than a few pounds so he won't be disappointed.

Whats the best thing about Christmas for you?

Food. I just love food! A few days where I can do some guilt free stuffing and totally relax. I'm not a drinker so i just double up on the tasty things, after doing so well on weight watchers this year though I may be a little more restrained, but its unlikely!
I do obviously love seeing everyone together too but other than that, food is definitely up there.

Here are my seven facts about me for the 'One Lovely Blog Award'.

1. OK so a bit of a greedy thing to start with... but its the first thing I thought of! I am the easiest person to please EVER with presents, seriously all the standard things - slippers, candles, chocolate, smellies, that's me sorted! Is that just boring? Maybe. I don't like buying that stuff for myself though so I get excited!

2. My parents never liked Christmas (mainly because of the routine of having to see the same old relatives and never spending it alone) so I always felt I shouldn't too, I make up for it now by bloody loving every second! I love everything about it.

3. Me and my husband LOVE Michael Buble's Christmas album!

4. I literally cannot control myself at a buffet, especially at Christmas - I even thought about inventing buffet trousers with insulated Tupperware type pockets to save trips back to the food hahaha! This year I'm all about the meeeaaaatt!!

5. I get really embarrassed about opening presents in front of people, really hate it! Especially at Christmas at the in-laws where we are usually last to arrive so the whole gaggle watch us open everything, I find it so painful even if the presents are just lovely, much prefer giving though I still get nervous by that too!

6. I really want to go to Lapland for Christmas one year, it just looks like so much fun, reindeer rides, Father Christmas, log cabins, bliss!

7. Up until today I hadn't felt very Christmassy at all - in fact I had faked it a bit in order to not look too 'Bah humbug' about the whole thing, so relieved its kicked in!
And thats all! Thank you Katy for the nomination! I never thought I would be able to think of so many.

I will be nominating people myself via Twitter!

Here are the rules....

1. Thank the person for nominating you and link back to them in your post.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself (they don't have to be festive)/ Answer the 10 questions about Christmas

3. Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire

4. Contact the chosen bloggers and let them know.

Merry Christmas!



  1. Fab post! Mmm gammon, do you know I had never eaten it up until last year? How is that even possible?!
    We are starting Christmas eve boxes this year too, so exciting! I wish someone would make me one!! xxx

    1. Whaaaaaat?! Thats pure craziness, I love it so much! I would love a Christmas eve box too, and an advent calendar! I even have to buy my own selection pack for my Christmas breakfast, boooo lol! xx