November 02, 2014

Not a 'proper' mum. Yet.

You see some mums, most mums it seems and they are always on time, they look smart as well as their kids, they notice everything, a runny nose, a twig that could cause a fall. Their nappy bags (which they never forget) are filled with all the essentials, never a vest ten sizes too small or a squashed banana. They are on the ball, wise, I guess they are just naturals at this mum lark. They are 'proper mums', I do not think I am one of them.

I'm unorganised and seem to always be in a rush despite the fact I'm sure I don't stop much. I regularly forget the nappy bag (mainly when my husband is there too when one of us should remember). When I do have a nappy bag it's usually inevitably missing nappies or wipes despite them being the very basic items, the clues even in the name! I have a change of clothes for my toddler, he is 3 and I have in the bag a 9-12 month sleep suit that has lived there a while, no use whatsoever.  I picked up a muslin only to find it's actually my husbands tee-shirt but its clean and will do to mop up vomit or dribble, I'll just add it to my dirty washing sculpture I'm creating in our bedroom afterwards. I always feel a mess and dry shampoo is my very best friend. I found a squashed banana in my bag.  I quite often stare into space only to be awoken by a 'proper mum' who would just like to let me know toddler is licking a dog/about to climb an ostrich or god knows what else. Embarrassing.

I'm getting better but still have days where we come out of messy play and he's wearing my jumper like a dress with the sleeves rolled up, wearing a children's centre nappy or grazing on a snack provided by a much better equipped parent!

However, I think I am actually better now than when I just had one! I certainly feel more of a 'mum'. We make more time to bake and play properly, I make lists and lists of lists, they are everywhere! I always stick to our plans even if we're running late and I try and get ready earlier or do things the night before. My friends are always telling me what a great mum I am. I do things people don't think of, I try and make every day exciting and we have adventures and fun and make things magical and A is the brightest most interesting toddler I've ever met. He's quick witted and creative and the gentlest soul you could ever meet. His silly mother must have done  some good after all, all be it in a 'winging it' unorganised pyjama day kind of way!
The quest goes on...

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