October 27, 2014

My son is three tomorrow.

My gorgeous baby boy 'A' turns three tomorrow and I must say I am experiencing extremely mixed emotions about the whole thing!
  • Sheer joy that my happy little stinkleberry is such a healthy happy boy turning three. Total despair as to where the last three years have gone.
  • Worry about how quickly the next three will go.
  • Excitement to give him his brand new bike after him always having pre loved, it just feels so good and he totally deserves it.
  • Sadness that he is getting too heavy to pick up and looks so big in the pram when we have to use it.
  • Scared that his next birthday will be his 4th and he will be at his proper nursery down the road, in a uniform.
  • Happy that his Daddy will be off work so we can have a family day.
  • Pleased to have won a competition to take him for a birthday meal.
  • Bewildered as to quite how we have managed to fill every day for three years and not feel too bored.
  • Total joy at what an amazing clever confident happy child he is.
  • Lastly, totally panicked as I just remembered he asked for a home made ginger cat birthday cake! Yikes.

My favourite ever picture

Wish me luck for tomorrow, the tears are pricking up already! 

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