February 23, 2015

A Mummy Taken Too Soon: Making Sense Of Tragedy

This is a sad post but one I feel I need to write, for me if nobody else. Its about trying to make sense of things. Its about trying to be positive.

Very recently, a local mummy friend passed away at the age of just 25. Leaving behind her grieving husband and their six children as well as countless friends and family. Emily was a brave girl who selflessly battled head and neck cancer, never once complaining, but instead using her time promoting the disease, raising a awareness and helping others in the community. She had the right to complain, of her pain, extensive treatment, poor organisation with appointments and transport, missing time with her new baby and young family and god knows what else. But no. 

An inspiring individual who has been taken far too early and to me this kind of thing makes no sense. Why her? Why leave her kids motherless? Why leave her husband that she married only a month before all alone? The only thing I can make of this is that she has inspired me and others, made us all realise that life can be shit, and short. We need to appreciate what we have, the time we have left and live life to the fullest. 

I have decided to use Emily and her tragedy as a turning point, it could just as easily have been me. I am older, less fit, this is scary. 

I will no longer be too scared to try new things or wait another day to talk to someone special. I want to be a positive brighter person and not complain about things that someone like Emily would give anything for, like a toddler that won't sleep or not having much money in the bank.

From now on I am going to give this positive attitude thing a go and enjoy the little things even more than I already do.

RIP Emily x 


  1. This is a lovely post! It's true life is too short and it's a reminder to live it as best as we can.

    1. Thanks for reading Tegan :) Its definitely true, its so much more scary when its somebody young too. Really makes you think xx