February 22, 2015

The Making of Wafflemama

 The Making Of Wafflemama
My top beauty buys for a mum in a hurry.

Pregnant and feeling my best!
Ok so I admit it, I don't much like going out without make up on. I'm not vain, just a little rough. I love having clean hair and looking nice-ish as much as possible. 

Clean hair - woohoo!
However, this doesn't always work once you have kids. I get to wash my hair once a week, more than that and I feel totally spoilt. I have a total nesty fuzz of a Barnet that really does take some work.

I have to battle getting makeup on with a three year old boy who can somehow apply makeup to himself with impeccable accuracy, with an ever increasingly impatient baby demanding my attention. I wouldn't change this for the world but seriously, they should make this stuff an Olympic sport, it's impressive!

Looking my best.

Some women hop out the shower, air dry their annoyingly straight natural hair, leave their smooth wrinkle free flawless face bare, shove any old clothes on and get on with the day looking fab. Some of us need more work, a lot more work.

There are a few must have items that get me through the day feeling human and these are my top ten favourite beauty buys. I use all of these on a daily basis. If you'd like more of a review on any single item please feel free to drop me a message.

1. Batiste dry shampoo.
It's amazing what a little spritz of this 'magic in a can' does. From 'chip shop Shellie' to 'hair advert Bert' in one easy spray. Its a total must have for any mum especially those with awkward hair!

2. Maybelline 24 hour lipstick. 

OK this is my big secret stays on all day amazing lip colour that I have worn every day since it was launched. I kind of want to keep this to myself but as we all know 'its nice to share', ha. I absolutely love this stuff and if I don't wear it I just feel rubbish. In fact if I'm not wearing it, I'd probably keep clear!

3. Micellar waters. 

This is the best stuff I've ever used for taking make up off. I'm not one for a routine but feel so clean after this that its forced me into one. I hate washing my face with water in shower etc so this is perfect for me and really leaves skin squeaky clean. I'm currently using Superdrugs own brand version but any are fine, the L'oreal one is great but a little more pricey. I'm in my 30's now so its time to really start to take care of my skin.

4. Calvin Klein 'Eternity'. 

My all time favourite perfume. It smells amazing and brings back so many memories especially early dates with my husband and my 21st birthday drowning myself in the stuff from the perfume lady in the club toilets! If you've not tried it go and have a sniff, its lush.

5. Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation. 

I've tried really expensive brands from department stores but nothing comes close to this total classic. I've used this for nearly 13 years and only buy two bottles a year despite the fact I wear it without fail each and every day. It covers all my blemishes and makes me pretty flawless without being too thick and blocking pores. Its not greasy in the slightest and lasts really well.

6. Max Factor Creme Puff powder. 

I have used this since I was and 16 in the shade 'Truly fair' which my mother and Nanna wear/wore too. The smell takes me back to being a child as my Nan always caked this on an inch thick and you could smell it a mile off. I Love that smell now. Its lovely to put on as its super soft and lasts well too.

7. GHD

There really is no comparison for me to my trusty GHDs (hair straighteners)! I broke them once and sent them back for repair and was sent a new pair! I got my first ones at 18 thinking the £100 I spent was indulgent but I have had these now (including replacement) 12 years and they work perfectly still. What a great investment for someone who's hair can resemble Brian Blessed's beard at the best of times!

8. Be bop a hairbands  

I ordered these last year and love them! They are really vintage looking and come in so many nice fabrics and are all hand made so would make lovely gifts. Hint hint ;)   I also love the selection of stretchy headbands at Claire's accessories, I usually wear hairbands when I'm sticking my hair up especially when its due a wash! It can really make an outfit and I have loads knocking about, I just wish I was a little more organised so I could find where I left them!

9. Benefit 'They're Real Mascara

This completes my search to find the perfect mascara, which has been ongoing now for around 16 years, its great. It is however pretty expensive but a great treat. It really does give the false lash look as it builds up, doesn't feel caked on or heavy. Its really worth a try and you can get sample sizes in their gift sets if you don't want to fork out for a large size straight away.

10. Simple - Refreshing Shower Gel 

This shower gel is so mild it really makes you feel clean and leaves no residue and it's great for women. Its pretty cheap in supermarkets and usually available in Poundland too.

So that's that, how a Wafflemama is put together and keeps a somewhat human appearance! If you can recommend any other products you think I might like, please let me know!

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