February 26, 2015

One of those days: A write off before 9am.

I'm now sat peacefully feeding baby S while her big brother watches Bing. Thank god for Bing and his coma inducing abilities!

This morning has been quite literally shit already, one of 'those' days. I hope other people have them too?

After a restless mostly sleepless night for the fourth time in a row, I got up. Thankfully my husband had dressed the eldest, though he's usually undressed himself again within the hour for one reason or other, mainly I think just to give me a little more to do, I'd hate to be underworked.

Baby S has a chest infection and also I think teething, fun times.

I thought it was Friday, its not.

We came down for breakfast and our rather fat ginger cat jumped on the fish tank, bounced off taking a pile of neatly piled, (should be put away properly) things tumbling down with him, standard daily event.

There is a bad smell in the kitchen which I assume is dog related but find no evidence, she has a sneaky look on her face but I think its just her creepy moustache. I presume its the drains so down goes the bleach.

My son stole my one and only crumpet while I went to make him a drink. He then ate half his sisters, after already eating a giant banana and his own crumpet. Baby had had enough anyway so I sacked off breakfast for this morning (don't worry this is exactly why I was blessed with ample fat stores for survival).

I decided I would have a well over due hair wash and 'proper shower'. I slipped baby in her Jumperoo which she loves and stuck the sensory screen (TV) on for the boy.

I stuck a load of washing in (whoop whoop) and got the nappy bag ready to take them out briefly this morning.

Mid shower the door bursts open (of course) and A walks in covered in yellow sick, hello again banana and crumpets! I quickly wash conditioner out and rush down to a custard looking explosion all over my poor abused rug and carpet. Baby S sees me and wants out so begins the inevitable chorus.

I clean it up, hoover, hang crazy heavy rug up to dry, get my house coat (yep) on and sit to feed baby.

Today is done before 9am. No leaving this house today so wish me luck. We will try and make the best of it and have fun, but already the walls are closing in, the noise is crazy and the washing pile is so much bigger than when I woke up. Onesie day it is!

As I wrote this baby S also vomited all over her new top, and my lap, while her brother is crying because I said no to him having cake. Seriously?

I am totally winning today!
Happy days :)


  1. Oh you are not alone my lovely. Have had many, many a day like this! Loving the blog. Nice to see someone else just starting out like myself!

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  3. Good to hear πŸ˜ΈπŸ™Ž thank you x

  4. This was my entire day yesterday. You are not alone!