Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Mama Life || Recovering Clutter Bug - 5 Things I Can't Help But Hoard!

As much as I keep trying to declutter our home, buy less and be less wasteful, there are some things I just can't help but hoard. These things just call for me from the shop aisles, jump in my basket and force me to buy them, adding them to my collection at home and feeding my need to shop without going overboard and filling our house too much.
I thought I'd share my five top things that I can't help but keep buying and no matter how many I have, a new shiny one with a new design, colour or brand just has to be mine. Are you guilty of this too?

1. House plants

I always just got fake plants for our house because we joke that our house is "where plants come to die", I even made a print saying just this because it's so apt for us and many others. Now though, we seem to actually keep things alive, I've learnt which plants thrive on neglect and I just can't resist anything in an amazing pot! Morrisons supermarket is by far my favourite place for potted plants as they get some gorgeous hand made clay ones and lots of Scandi style ones too. Our kitchen under cupboard lights seem to be like a magic greenhouse for growing things, so we have done really well this past year, though I may have to re-pot some and have a little break from buying before we're living in a jungle!

2. Striped Breton tops

I always believed the 'horizontal stripes make you look bigger' line and avoided them, but the past few years I've got a bit addicted to them, especially for wearing under dungarees and pinafores. I really don't think stripes make you look bigger, in fact I usually feel better in them and I think even if they did, I wouldn't care because I love them!

3. Hair care & skin care

I don't get sucked in by clever marketing or anything when it comes to hair and skin care, but I do just love trying new things and occasionally stumble across something that becomes a permanent fixture. I like to swop and change when my skin starts playing up, but find anything natural with essential oils great for my skin, and I'm constantly on the search for something that's gentle on my scalp but makes my hair less dry! I have a good stash, but do use things up as much as possible or pass them on if they are no good for me after one use. 

4. Note books

Again, I don't know what it is about these stripy paged little buggers, but they just lure me in with their fancy covers and I'm sold. I have loads around the house, but always find loads of uses for them so there's no waste with these either as they can always be recycled after. I'm a proper sucker for making lists, so I guess the note book obsession goes hand in hand with that.

5. Makeup

I can't really justify makeup too much as I have my old favourites that I always go back to, no matter what new things I try. The main culprit for me is foundation. I always return to my Max Factor favourite, but just find myself trying these new ones all the time, especially if they're on offer or in the sale. Second is probably eyebrow products as I really struggle to find something that's light enough without looking ginger, or that actually stays put all day and doesn't look too sluggish. It's a struggle! I do love makeup though, it's another form of art for me so it's all good to play with and means I can alternate or have plenty of back ups when my favourites run out.

So there we have it my confession, the five things I just cannot ignore! I do at least use and love all these things, so there is at least no waste!