Saturday, October 24, 2020

Mama Life || Why Cooking Is Better With A Food Processor

Mama Life || collaborative Post

When we remodelled our kitchen, we rehomed many kitchen gadgets and appliances that we simply didn't use, I think it's almost addictive buying them and something we all instinctively do when we set up home. When you walk into someone's house, there could be a whole wall covered in appliances, and the only one in use is generally the kettle. Likewise, step into any department store, and the one thing you are guaranteed to see hundreds of, is kitchen appliances, but how many do we actually need? The bottom line is, if it’s too complicated, too hard to wash or too far out there, you are unlikely to ever use it. This is why the food processor is a great purchase, as its multifunctional nature means that it can do a lot of jobs that you would have needed multiple tools for before.

One Appliance, Many Jobs 

The basic job of a food processor is to cut up and mix up what you put into it. The result is chopped up pieces of ingredients, all of a uniform size and shape which can then be mixed or further processed into an array of textures. The functionality of your machine is only limited by the attachments, so do check those before you buy, if a variety of functions is important to you. It is said that once you own a food processor, you will never go back to manual food preparation. Salad, soups, whipping, grinding, mashing, and chopping can be just the push of a button away with a food processor. The only limit to the reaches of this marvelous little machine, is your imagination.

It is Pretty Much Like A Blender, Right? 

Wrong. Sure, you can use a food processor to blend food items, its actual power lies in its extended capabilities. The structure of a food processor moves the moisture content to the edges, allowing it to chop rather than blend. A blender is designed to incorporate the solid and liquid components of the food into an evenly distributed mass.

What Else Makes It Good? 

The list is as long as my arm, and you can just keep adding to it every time you use the machine. Timesaving is a huge benefit, is a food processor can take the time you would have spent manually chopping ingredients from minutes to seconds. Whipping egg whites? At least half of forever if you do it manually. In a food processor, once again – seconds. A food processor reduces your need for multiple smaller tools, as it is one-unit functioning as many. From time to space, there is just no going wrong with a food processor. You cannot even refer to it as a drawback, but a challenge that many users of food processors encounter when just starting out, is figuring out how it works. Operator error can account for some frustration, but luckily, most models nowadays are straightforward and even intuitive to operate. For me, any machine I can just chuck things in as I go and it does all the hard work for me, is a massive plus. Also, they're super easy to dismantle for cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher.

So, What Now? 

A heavy-duty food processor can be quite an investment, but the money spent is more than made up for by what you gain in convenience. The range of prices and capabilities on the market today means that most budgets can be accommodated in the search for a food processor, making the perfect model for you, accessible and affordable. Just be sure to check the capabilities of the one you are looking at, will it blend ice, does it come with many attachments, have good reviews? It's well worth shopping around for the best out there for your budget and a little time researching first can save a lot later on.

Do you have a food processor to help you in the kitchen?