Saturday, October 24, 2020

Mama Life || A Little Different This Year - Our 2020 Halloween Plans

Like everything so far in 2020, Halloween is going to be very different this year. Although it's only one day (like most big events I guess?) it's one we really love, it's properly nostalgic for me and the kids absolutely adore everything about it.

Usually we'd decorate the house, fill a huge bowl of sweets for trick or treaters and head out early as it begins to get dark for our own door knocking on Halloween friendly houses. The kids would dress up, I'd dress up and we'd eat sweets til bed time, listen to creepy music and watch a creepy kid friendly film. There's quite often local events set up too, Halloween discos, BBQs, haunted houses etc etc, so although it's a short celebration, it's a super fun one.

This year though with Covid still lurking and back with a vengeance, people not wanting door knockers, us not wanting sweets from strangers and just generally wanting to hide away a bit, we are having to make some big changes.

One thing that will remain is the fact we will be dressing up, all of us. We will watch a movie, have popcorn and spooky treats, hot dogs for tea and more sweets than we can eat, but we won't be knocking on doors. I also really hope nobody knocks on ours either! We may still have a wander and I'll give the kids sweets when we see any Halloween decorations or pumpkins, but we'll do it from a distance and return home for our own little family party. 

Although it wont be as normal, I know we'll still have loads of fun and hopefully nearer the time there may be more locally we can pay a visit too or go and see on the day or over half term. 

What will you be doing this Halloween?