Friday, March 19, 2021

Healthy Mama || My Top Tip For Irritated Combination Skin

I was lucky not to have spots particularly as a teen, but late twenties and thirties I've really suffered, especially since having kids. I think the combination of age, less sleep, taking less care of myself and just generally being less healthy has all taken its toll. My skin has always been a combination of dry and oily, but as I've got older it's kind of an extreme version of the skin it once was. The dry patches are drier than ever and those oily patches are always spotty. After a few years of skin care obsession, I have found ways to keep it looking a little better and although it's not perfect and still has some really bad days, if I keep up with my new routine, then it does tend to stay pretty clear. I still get the odd whopper of a spot but less spots generally and no more fields of blackheads to explore. 

The main thing I wanted to share is that although there is some amazing products out there, you could easily spend a fortune when actually my best tip costs probably a pound if not free. From there, adding the right products can help further, but if you have irritated patchy skin, then this method should really help reset your skin and kick off a great new routine for you.

The very best thing I have done for my skin is to very simply wash it with warm water and a flannel/face towel. Not a fancy one, not a £20 makeup removing one, just a plain old flannel which I think are around 90p each in Primark! I didn't even use soap or anything to start with and I was at a point where my skin was just sensitive, breaking out constantly and so itchy ALWAYS. Every morning and evening I just give it a warm water wash and that made a huge difference to my skin. The itchiness went away, they dry bits were less obvious and the spots lessened. I also found that my skin reacts to 'wipes' and as they aren't great for the environment either, ditching those made a big difference. I don't have an immediate reaction, but after using them for a week or so my skin just flares up good and proper, so if you're an avid wipe user I'd definitely recommend having a break from them and seeing if it helps, even if they are super natural or claim to have no chemicals, they just may be causing you issues.

From there I've gradually introduced products and no longer just pick up any old thing because it's on offer or smells good. I've tried so many products now and although some high end ones have been amazing, when it comes to affordable products that we can grab easily on the high street or online for a good price, these are my favourite:

The Ordinary products - buy direct from their website and they are half the price of Amazon! I've tried some that don't feel like they have much effect, but the vitamin C in particular is great for me.

Elizabeth Arden moisturiser - I get these half price in the January sales and it tends to last me all year. It's the only moisturiser that visibly makes a difference and makes my skin feel like it will actually hold in some of the moisture. These are around £30 full price so not bad but even better half price!

Body shop skin peel is so lovely to use too, as it goes on like a gel and simply rubs in removing dead skin as the product balls together. The drier the skin, the more comes off, so it definitely works, it's super mild and again not badly priced considering how long it lasts. 

These are really the only products I use day to day and I also try and go makeup or at least foundation free as often as I can, especially when the weather is better. If my skins clear and it's a sunny day, I just make sure to have some kind of protection with SPF for my face to protect it, or wear a foundation that includes one if I'm in need of more coverage.

So that's it really, start simple with a flannel and water and slowly add things when your skin calms down.