Friday, March 19, 2021

Mama Style || Investment Worthy Wardrobe Staples

Mama Style - Collaborative Post

Attitudes towards our style are changing. Sustainability is becoming an important consideration in our choices, as well as a focus on timeless, signature styles. 

Instead of spending much each season buying into different trends, investing in long-term, investment pieces is one way to curate your perfect wardrobe that reflects your style, while ensuring you have high-quality clothing to treasure for a long time.

So which wardrobe must-haves are worth the investment? Take a look at this handy shopping guide...

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

A leather jacket

A leather jacket is one of those must-have items that you can rely on again and again. Ideal for covering up year-round, it pays to have a good leather jacket in your wardrobe.

The right leather jacket can be tricky to find, but there are styles that can work for all shapes. You can even size up if you prefer a looser look. You can pick up a leather jacket bargain in January sale periods - as winter comes to a close, stores start selling them off. So who knows what kind of saving you could find? You could even buy pre-loved for something with a little more individual with a story.

High-quality denim

Denim is a firm staple in our wardrobes. Is there anything more classic than a pair of jeans and a casual tee? But as we know, jeans can be dressed up too, making them among the most versatile items in your wardrobe. Yes, it can be hard to find the right pair in your size, but when you’ve got them, they’re perfection.

Investing in high-quality denim ensures you have items that are designed to last. Denim should be robust and look better with age, and you shouldn’t have to worry about rips or denim becoming shapeless. Brands like Levi’s are renowned for their quality, and they have some excellent denim care tips to help you get the best from your clothing.

Basics built to last

While you might choose to invest in some new pieces now and then, basics are the one constant you’ll need in your wardrobe. Camisoles and vests, blouses, t-shirts - they’re all items you will wear regularly. If you keep an eye out for quality fabrics like cotton and silk, you’ll get much longer wear out of them, and they’ll look a little more luxe too.

A signature belt

A belt is a must-have for your wardrobe. Ideal for keeping your jeans up, cinching in dresses and adding a touch of detail, having a signature belt you can wear again and again is an accessory worth spending money on! Invest in a belt made from quality materials so that it lasts - you’ll notice a big difference in the craftsmanship. Designer belts are a huge fashion trend right now, but one you can expect to last for a long time. Check out some of the best logo belts available to buy at the moment to see which ones catch your eye.

A statement bag

Nothing says treating yourself more than a statement bag. Everyone has a dream bag on their wish list, so why not make yours a reality? There are luxury bags available at different price points to help you find something special, but when they feature exceptional quality, you can feel confident of being able to use them again and again.

Tote bags are ideal for committing to work or if you need to carry a lot with you, while a cross body bag is ideal for both day and evening wear. What will you choose as your statement bag?

Fabulous footwear

Your footwear can truly make an outfit, and from beautiful Chelsea boots to some stand-out heels, you’ll need several pairs of shoes to build up your wardrobe. As with belts and bags, footwear should be made to last, and you’ll find that a pair of boots or pumps made from superior materials last a lot longer.

There are different things you can do to care for your footwear. Using protective sprays will help prevent weather-related damage and stains, while regular trips to the cobblers can keep your heels in check as well as making sure the soles of your shoes stay intact. Regular cleaning will also work wonders to keep your shoes looking like new.

Jewellery to cherish

Jewellery doesn’t just have to be for a special occasion. Treating yourself to some well-made jewellery will mean it lasts longer than cheaper items that tend to turn your fingers and ears green! From nipple piercing jewellery to necklace stackers and cocktail rings, it’s good to build up a solid jewellery collection you can cherish. Ask for jewellery as gifts or treat yourself now and then - it will be worth it! Make sure you care for your jewellery and protect it from damage with regular cleaning and polishing.

Tailored outerwear

The right coat can really make an outfit! But it looks even better if it’s the right fit. A tailored coat looks sophisticated and elegant, ideal for workwear, a formal event or anywhere you want to feel a little more dressed up. When it comes to choosing quality outerwear, look for items that are lined and made from quality materials such as wool - it will make a big difference to their longevity.

Beautiful, soft knitwear

We all need knitwear to get us through the colder months, while lightweight knits can also be welcome during the warmer months for layering too. But if you find yourself frustrated that your knitwear becomes bobbled and shapeless after a season, ask yourself if you’re buying the right kind of knitwear? If you want to buy knitwear that doesn’t fall apart, think about the composition of the materials - 100% wool or cashmere, for example, will likely have longer lifespan than polyester, and will be much softer too!

Having a more curated, selective wardrobe means you can own high-quality pieces that last, over clothes that rarely last the season. Think about investing in pieces made from quality fabrics, the difference will amaze you. Remember that buying quality doesn’t have to cost the earth - you can pick up some fantastic items at your favourite high street stores like H&M and Zara - just be sure to check the labels to make sure you’re buying into quality fashion.