Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Kids Stuff || Playmobil Family Fun Petting Zoo Review

When you're a parent, you learn quickly that some toys are a passing blip of attention grabbing plastic, but some are much loved, long lasting treasures that get played with again and again, being passed on to the next generation and beyond even. For us,
Playmobil sets are in the lasting treasures category and having loved them as a kid myself, I was delighted when both of my own children began to love them too. 

For Alf & Soph, the love started when we used to visit our local farm and they'd always choose a Playmobil figure bag as a treat from the shop on the way home. Seeing all the varieties of characters and accessories was exciting for them, and nostalgic for me too. Our collection has now grown, so we were really happy when Playmobil got in touch to offer us the chance to review their zoo set and jumped at the chance!

The items we were sent to review were the Family Fun Petting Zoo, Llama mum and baby as well as a super cute set of meerkats. There are lots of animal sets we can add now to create the ultimate zoo, but here's how we got on with our first zoo sets. The small animal sets are ready for play straight from the packet, whereas the larger set does require a little assembly before play, but I find doing this with the kids just adds to the fun! These are recommended for ages four and upwards, so they may need a little help to get started with the building and setting up the space.

Soph literally squealed with delight when she opened the llamas and meerkats, they are very adorable! As always, they are made of strong stuff and very durable for little hands to enjoy. The limbs are movable on the llamas, and the meerkats are set in their traditional meerkat poses, along with a little hidey cave for them to climb on and sit inside. 

The large play set comes with more animals, such as goats and sheep, but also small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and my absolute favourite, a family of teeny tiny turtles! 

There are human play figures too which are already built and ready for play. These come with accessories such as animal feed, hat and little back pack.

As well as the animals and figures, the zoo set comes with some lovely accessories such as a bridge, bench, trees, flags and fences to build pens for the animals. There is also a really cool vending machine that actually dispenses miniature drinks which is very cool!


From the moment Soph saw the box she was beaming, there are so many exciting little elements to the set and extras that it can't fail to please. This would be such a great present and makes a brilliant addition to a set or as a starting point for a new collection. There are lots of other animals and sets to add which could build the most epic of zoos. The parts are robust and sturdy, and definitely made to last which is always a bonus and the norm for the brilliant Playmobil toys. The larger set needs a little assembly, but it's easy to do and smaller kids may just need a little help working a few bits out and clicking things into place. There are also stickers to add, but Soph (6) had no issues adding these by herself.

I think these sets are really well priced considering the scope of play value available and that the set will be enjoyed for years indoors and out, all year round. You can also add to it very easily as birthdays and Christmases roll round, making it the perfect addition to your kids playroom. A huge thumbs up from us! These items are available from many great toy retailers, to see more sets and items available, pop over to the Playmobil website to see more. 

 Do your kids love Playmobil too?