May 17, 2021

Create || Does It Matter If Your Art Is 'Scattered'?

I've been experimenting with different art mediums and processes for ages and I was starting to get worried that my art looked 'scattered', that my work would ever be recognised if it was all so varied. One day I play with lino printing, the next I may just do some digital doodling, create some text art or even make a pom pom wreath.

I've always focused on the 'finding your niche' thing and I do think that does apply if you really want to be known for one thing, or appeal to a certain group of people. I think for me though, I don't have a particular niche with my art and what I've realised is that it is totally acceptable to be a little scattered and dabble in different things. I get bored easily, my mind moves quickly and I do need to keep busy and change things up a lot.

For me art is all about exploring, trying new things, playing with textures, paints, colours and all kinds of different things. Being scattered isn't actually a bad thing, it's just a different thing, so if you too are scattered with your art or writing, then that's fine too!

The term scattered doesn't sit well as it reminds me of 'scatter brain' and it just has a negative vibe doesn't it? When it comes to music, it's perfectly OK to say that we have an eclectic taste, pretty cool even. We listen to whatever music we need at that time, it may be hip hop, classical, rock, soul, pop, happy hardcore even! With music this is OK, but when it comes to art it's like we should stick to our lanes and not deviate and if we do, well then we just aren't taken seriously. I think though that as with anything, being scattered with art, being eclectic with music or dressing for the day ahead in whatever style takes your mood are all GREAT things. It's not a bad thing to be different, it's not a bad thing to leave your lane and go where the mood takes you. Art is a representation of us, so if that's different one day to the next, then that's all good.

If you sell your art, then it can be easy to fall into the trap of making what you think will do well commercially, which sounds good in a business sense as of course more appealing products = more sales = more money. The thing is though that this equation doesn't sit right with art because having too much of a structure in place for the 'scattered artist' like me and perhaps you if you're reading this, kills our creativity. Some of us artists need that freedom to play, to explore and to do what we want to do. 

So essentially no it doesn't matter if your art is 'scattered', your work may not always be instantly recognisable if it's very different, but it's a true reflection of you and if that's the way you need to work to keep the creative juices flowing? Then I say go for it!

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