May 16, 2021

Mama Life || It's Ok To Be Proud Of Yourself!

Not long ago I had someone inadvertently make me feel bad for sharing my successes. For me, it takes a lot to say 'look at me, I did this thing and I'm proud!' so to have someone bring you right down to earth, making you feel like you are showing off or making others feel bad, well that just really feels pretty shitty. I never share my news to make people feel bad, I just want to share it with somebody and sometimes, yes, I do crave a little support and some pats on the back, don't we all?

The thing is, that people who make you feel bad for being proud of yourself are the ones with the issue, not you. Someone else's success does not make you a failure, and the two things are actually not related. An example to show this would be if you were building a house and you worked hard and got yours built, the other person hasn't built theirs yet, maybe put a few bricks down, started laying the foundations, but yours is all finished. So you advertise the house, show how hard you've worked, show off all those little extras you've added, you are proud! Then that other person looks and feels like they've failed, so they make you feel bad for building your house, even though you've worked hard to build it, put in extra hours, worked damned hard. The other person is simply straight up jealous. They too could have finished building their house, but they chose not to and they know this. You didn't use their building materials, steal their builders or build on their land, your success has no impact on them, but instead of saying well done and feeling inspired to build their own house, they decide to dull your sparkle and make you feel crap for sharing your joy. 

Just no.

Anybody that makes you feel bad for your successes should not be given your brain space. You should feel proud of your wins and you should shout them from the rooftop. The people that spur you on, encourage you to do even more and congratulate your successes are the ones to give time to. Never be afraid to share your joy, you work hard and should feel really proud of whatever it is that you've achieved. Even if you keep the news to yourself, be proud, stand strong and celebrate those achievements however small!

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