May 26, 2021

Mama Life || 5 Inspiring Mums Who Started an Ecommerce Business Around Their Family

Check out these five epic eCommerce entrepreneurs who started a booming business around their families—followed by some tips (aka what we can learn from these entrepreneurial Mums) to help you establish a Shopify business around your family.

Blade and Rose

Amanda Peffer is a female entrepreneur and mother who founded Blade and Rose while at home with her four-month-old daughter on maternity leave back in 2010. Blade and Rose provide clothing "designed with active children in mind" and boasting eye-catching and colourful designs.

Amanda started her fashion brand offering high-quality leggings because she was fed up with boring legging designs. She researched the market thoroughly before starting, and her first designs sold out instantly. Blade and Rose clothing is now sold across the UK and internationally.

Skinny Tan

Kate Cotton and Louise Ferguson founded Skinny Tan while on maternity leave. The Essex-born ex-pats (who resided in Australia) did not receive maternity pay - as is the case in Australia.

Kate and Louise started Skinny Tan because they wanted to create a more authentic looking tan effect without the smell often associated with most self-tanning lotions. The new mothers were also conscious of using harsh chemicals, so they included natural ingredients as much as possible.

Little Ducklings Boutique

Jessica Bartlett is the founder of Little Ducklings Boutique, a fashion brand specialising in stunning Portuguese knitted clothing. Jessica started her brand while on maternity leave after having her son, stating:

"...I found myself spending a fortune buying him lovely clothes from all sorts of websites. So one day, I decided to do my research, and I managed to start my own baby's boutique called little ducklings boutique, where I sell gorgeous Portuguese baby clothes at affordable prices."

Skip Hop

After giving birth to her son, Spencer, in 2003, Ellen Diament created her first parent-related product. Her nappy changing bag was inspired because Ellen couldn't find a changing bag that was fit for purpose, stylish, unisex and didn't cost the earth.

After their initial success, Ellen and her husband formed Skip Hop, where they continue to sell parent-related products that are innovative and stylish.

Funky Giraffe Bibs

Yasemin Drury founded Funky Giraffe Bibs in 2009. Yasemin had worked for a prominent retail brand before becoming a parent, meaning she had insight into production costs and the enormous sales markup.

Yasemin's (inspired by her experience with her son) aim was to create unique bib designs for an affordable price. Funky Giraffe has since branched out into a range of affordable and high-quality clothes for children.

Top Tips: Starting a Shopify Business as a Parent

Start with some market research. All of the ventures above started to meet a need that an existing industry didn’t already meet. First, think about what you need, and head to some relevant forums to check for further demand.

Once you're confident you have an idea you'd like to run with, break the concept down into smaller, more achievable chunks, especially if/when you return to work post-maternity leave. For example, set small tasks to achieve either daily or weekly.

Finally, consider linking up with a Shopify agency or expert to help set up your store and turn your dreams into a structured reality.

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