Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Home Style || Getting Our Home Autumn Ready

This is by far my favourite time of year and one of the best bits of the darker longer evenings and colder weather, has to be making the house super cosy and warm for those chilly nights. I thought I'd share a few of the things we need to do to make our home all cosy for Autumn and beyond.

Before I get to the home stuff, I have to mention the fact that cosy clothes make the whole thing even better, so whether it's a fluffy onesie, oversised 'Oodie (below)' or some epic lounge wear, you need to start with some Autumn staples to keep you warm!

With windows closed more and the heating on regularly, our old Victorian terrace can be prone to getting damp from condensation, so a dehumidifier is a must especially in the colder months. Ours broke last year so I've just invested in a new one to get to work in our living room, where the colder walls and warmer air inside are already showing signs of moisture gathering! From experience, it can get worse really quickly, so as soon as the new one arrives it'll be plugged in and getting to work straight away.

To keep the room a little warmer I love having rugs in our downstairs rooms as the floors are concrete under the carpet/underlay so really make the room colder if not covered slightly. We've just invested in a new chevron weave rug for the living room and have an indoor/outdoor rug in the conservatory as that is the coldest room in the house! 

Our electric fire has had fresh bulbs added so we can have some more cosy lighting and I've added new candles, wax melts and faux plants around to add some colour and warmth. We have blankets around all year, because there's always a time to get cosier in the evening, but this time of year I tend to get a new one or two and this year it's the teddy blankets from Dunelm which are super warm, but also very light and fold up small. These are only £8 each and make great gifts too!

I'll also be getting to work making some Autumn decorations, I quite fancy an Autumn wreath this year, so that's this week's project! 

The garden is all dying off now, so we'll be giving it all a good cut back and tidy before it gets too cold and adding some winter shrubs to keep a bit of life going out there until spring! 

What do you do to make your home more Autumn ready?