Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Home Style || Home Scents With Arran Sense Of Scotland (REVIEW/GIFTED)


I absolutely love making the house smell nice, and with two kids, three cats and a dog, a helping hand is always welcome! There's always a bit of a risk when buying fragrances, particularly online, that maybe they won't smell nice or that the fragrance won't be strong enough or long lasting. After a lot of trial and error I now have a few firm favourites but a new contender came to us in the form of a review from ARRAN Sense Of Scotland, and I thought I'd share a little more about their beautiful fragrant products and the company itself.

ARRAN Sense Of Scotland have been creating scents for over 30 years that embody everything 'Scotland' on the isle of ARRAN. ARRAN started as a small family soap business but have now expanded to many products, from reed diffusers, hand creams, bath products, hair care and even an advent calendar packed with mini products which looks incredible! All of their products are packed with 'flavour' giving out the most amazing nature based scents that make your home smell fresh, fragrant and reminding you of the great outdoors such as their fragrance 'after the rain'.

The products we were sent to review were the Glenashdale (grapefruit and green leaf) hand cream, Bergamot and geranium room spray and the 'After the rain' reed diffuser. The room spray and reed diffuser both arrived in beautiful storage tins which can be re-used, keeping the products as safe and as fresh as can be.

The hand cream smells so fresh and zingy, I literally can't stop smelling my hands when I use it! It reminds me of walking through a country garden in spring, so lovely. It's non - greasy and absorbs really well whilst leaving hands feeling super moisturised - what more could you want?!

The Bergamot & Geranium room spray is packed in a glass bottle which sprays very gently into the room with a light spritz. The smell is fragrant and pleasing without being over powering and it really lingers in the room, so there's some real staying power in those sprays! The smell is just so fresh and delicious and has so many depths to it. It's such a breath of fresh air (literally) to have fragrances that have staying power but aren't just the usual 'fresh cotton' type smells you get with high street brands. If you're a fan of room sprays then this is a great contender! I've only really used cheap ones before and the smell just seems to sink and disappear in seconds or be over powering, but this seems to hold lightly in the air just delighting the senses, I love it.

I have to admit I'm a real sucker for a reed diffuser, so I was very excited about this one! I've had many diffusers before, from super cheap ones that generally do nothing, to more expensive ones and this one definitely has to be my new favourite! This really is like no diffuser I've had before, it almost compliments the air instead of dominating it and is just so so fresh and beautiful to smell. The fragrance is strong enough to notice and enjoy without being over powering and it's just, well, pretty perfect. I have no idea how they manage to embody these beautiful natural smells with so many layers, they are so cleverly developed and a very worthy purchase!

I'm actually pretty blown away by these products. There's always a bit of a worry with review items that I won't like them and will have to find a creative way to list the negatives and find some positives, but with the Arran products I can't think of a single down side, only positives! These really would make super special gifts or just to reward yourself with a little self care and some beautiful products. 

To see the full range from ARRAN Sense Of Scotland, you can visit their website, and if you ask me it's well worth adding some of their products to your Christmas list this year if you love amazing smelling home products, and I'm sure the other body/hair products are incredible too, I can't wait to try some more!