Monday, March 13, 2017

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Our family home

When we got our house in 2009, we soon got to work gutting the inside in order to get it all damp proofed and a little more to our taste. The previous owners were experts at unique bodge jobs and smoked like chimneys, so we really had our work cut out but soon enough we got on our way and opted for neutral whites throughout as a base until we had a feel for the house. The house was adorned with bright green gloss woodwork and inch thick wood chip, so nothing was easy.

As the kids came along, we've had less time for decorating but one thing we have always wanted, is to add a feature wall in our family room (living room) to soften it up and give it a little more character. We've never quite found a 'wow' wallpaper that has motivated us enough to get started but just recently the lovely people from Inspired Wallpaper got in touch to see if they could help us out by providing us with some beautiful wallpaper to finally get our wall sorted and get back on track with our decorating, as part of their 'Your Own Space' campaign.

The Inspired Wallpaper website is packed full of beautiful designs from traditional prints to modern geometric. This site is the home of the best British wallpaper brands, Crown, Coloroll and Vymura. Collectively they've been providing inspirational wall fashion for over 100 years and their designers are renowned for creating innovative products and offering expert advice to help inspire our much loved decorating projects. There are so many options available that it was really hard choosing just one perfect design. We finally opted for a paper by Crown with a floral woodland theme. This design just seemed to have the perfect balance of pattern and colour without being too dominant in our room.

Our Feature Wall Makeover

Firstly, here's our room before. The wall is really high and just painted with a pale grey/stone colour which although I love, does nothing for the room and it has felt so cold in here all the time.


I'm so please with this wallpaper, it's absolutely beautiful and gives the room such a lift, it even feels warmer and cosier despite the traditionally 'cool' colour and makes the whole room feel a lot more homely.

We were absolutely thrilled with our choice of paper, it is great quality and so thick it almost feels like fabric making it easy to handle/hang and very forgiving on an old slightly uneven wall. The Inspired website was really easy to use, even giving you the option to search by style or room type.

This mini makeover has really inspired us (no pun intended!) to get going with our decorating again. Within just a few hours we managed to transform the look of our family room and completely change the feel of it, I can't wait to do the same again in our bedroom and across the rest of the house.

The paper we chose gave our room that little bit more of a grown up feel whilst looking a bit more fun and interesting for the whole family. If you are on the lookout for new wallpaper I'd recommend the service of Inspired Wallpaper as it was so easy, with so much choice as well as a quick safe delivery straight to your door.

Do you have a feature wall in your home?

Disclosure: I was gifted our choice of paper in exchange for an honest review.