Monday, July 22, 2019

Healthy Mama || 5 Tips For Healthier Summer Hair

It comes as no surprise that hot weather can play havoc with our hair, and as we're currently in yet another heat wave, I thought I'd share some tips on helping to keep our locks luscious during the warmer weather. Chlorine, heat from the sun and salty sea water can all contribute to unwanted damage, as well as air conditioners when we're inside. There are things we can do to prevent our hair getting overly dry or scorched in the summer months though, here's my top five tips for healthy summer hair.

Ditch the heat stylers

When you wash your hair, where possible dry naturally to avoid a little more heat. If you usually use straighteners or curlers, try and ditch them where you can or cut down your usage while your hair is under so much extra stress. If like me you have big frizzy hair that needs some heat taming, invest in a decent heat protection spray to keep damage at a minimum and try and only straighten/curl what you need to, especially if you'll be tying your hair back anyway. You could even invest in some heat free curlers that you wear to bed or plait your hair over night to create some classic beach waves!

Block the rays

Wearing a hat over the summer not only prevents your scalp getting burnt (which is horrible!) but also prevents your hair roots getting damaged which can have a long lasting effect on your hair. Keeping your locks in the shade prevents it from getting scorched and dried out in the summer sun, with the added bonus of protecting your skin too. Big brimmed hats aren't just to look stylish, but actually give a lot of protection during the warmer months.

Add a protective layer

When wearing a hat isn't an option, you could add a protective layer to your hair before you start the fun. If you're going to be in the salty sea or in a chlorine filled swimming pool, wetting the hair first and adding a layer of oil or conditioner can stop your hair absorbing any nasties and lock in that much needed moisture. 

Give your hair a treat

To help heal any damage or prevent any further, apply an intense conditioning treatment at least once a week and especially after particularly harsh hair days such as beach or swimming days. You could buy treatments such as the brilliant Garnier hair food, or even create your own, with some great hair care recipes all over Pinterest. 

Shampoo less

The natural oils produced by our scalp in summer can help to protect the hair from harmful rays, so overly shampooing hair can actually do more harm than good. When washing your hair, focus on the scalp more than the lengths and use mild shampoos or even conditioner. In between washes, freshen hair with a dry shampoo as the less washes, the lesser the temptation to use heat stylers. In the heat, up dos are you're friend anyway, so it's the best time to get away with less frequent washes.

Have an amazing summer! I hope this helps to keep your hair looking lush too...