Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Mama Life || Showing The Kids Where I grew Up

Mama Life || Collaborative Post

One of the biggest things on our bucket list this summer is to head back down south with the kids to show them where I grew up, in a small town not far from Brighton. For me, it'll always be what I consider 'home' from a nostalgic point of view and I have so many memories, I can't wait to show the kids all my old haunts and take them to some of my favourite places in Brighton which is my favourite place on earth (so far).

Although home to me now is where my kids and husband are, my soul home will always be down south near Brighton and there's still so much down there I need to explore. Saturdays on the pier, Friday nights at the local gardens getting chased off by the park keeper and endless shopping trips to Crawley will always be in my heart. Looking back on my childhood and teen years it was a really lovely place to grow up and I was very happy there.

Getting there is pretty easy now with a 3/4 hour drive or nipping on the train via the London Kings Cross to Cambridge routes for the main chunk of the journey. I actually quite enjoy the journey, seeing the scenery change and seeing all those familiar sights I used to spot as a kid on the train my my own mum. We could never afford to move back now as for the price of our three bed semi here in Lincolnshire, we'd be lucky to get a half decent one bedroom flat. Despite that though, I feel the need to share Sussex and all it has to offer with my kids. The countryside there is stunning, particularly when compared to the bleak and rather flat landscapes of Lincolnshire. All the things I didn't appreciate fully in my younger years are now top of my list to explore and share with my family.

I want to get lost in those rolling hills of the downs, amble through the little stores in the Brighton lanes and enjoy the culture and chilled atmosphere of the beaches there. A place where you can express yourself without fear of being judged, where you'll see people wearing whatever they want with no flips given and a whole heap of street entertainers and buskers filling the air with music and smiles.

As well as the place itself, my best friend in the world lives down there still, right near where we grew up and I'd love to go visit her again in her new home there and meet her daughter that's growing up far too quickly. I want to drive by my family home that I lived in as a baby and the next one we were in until my 20s, even though I'd moved out. I can't wait to show the kids where I used to try and skateboard, the woods we used to dig clay up in and spend hours making things and climbing trees.

 The kids love hearing about my childhood and all our funny stories, so taking them. 'home' will feel super special to me.

Did you move away from your home town?