May 24, 2020

Create || Shop Update & New Products Alert!

One good thing to come out of being in lock down has been having more time to get crafty, relax with a paint brush and try out some new things. I'm slowly trying to build my Etsy store and I'm adding new products and illustrations to the shop all the time. If you're not already following, you can catch me over on Instagram - Wafflemamaart and find my shop on Etsy by clicking here

This past couple of weeks I've had some new products made and added, so thought I'd give a little update as I'm gradually getting the shop to where I want it. I'm working on some lino printing techniques, so hopefully this will be something I can sell soon, but for now, here's my latest products and prints.


I've added a whole heap of illustrations recently, from a sketch of our local cathedral here in Lincoln, to a beautiful bee pattern and embracing nature from flowers to small animals. I'm really enjoying focusing on the shapes and beauty of nature and architecture, leaving the colour for the background.

Pocket mirrors

I love these pocket mirrors, they come with a little gift bag to keep them safe in your bag and in the post. I've added some more designs this week and if they start to sell I'll be adding some more very soon.

Greeting cards

Although I sell over at Thortful, I wanted to make some homemade cards too, just to mix up the variety of products I have for sale. These are high quality mini prints, cut and attached to thick recycled brown card with a matching envelope, they look really great in person.

If you want to keep up to date with new products and prints, then Instagram is your best bet, but I'll also be updating here regularly.

Has lockdown given you chance to get creative?

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