May 20, 2020

Mama Life || 3 Post-Lockdown Career Choices

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There’s no doubt your first concern during lockdown and for the entire duration of the Covid-19 crisis will be keeping yourself and your family safe. But spending more time at home might also find you in a reflective mood where you reassess the things in life that make you happy, analyse those that don’t and decide that it’s definitely time to take action and live your best life once the ‘new normal’ finally cranks into gear. 

If you know that your current career has got to go but you don’t yet know what you want to move on to, help is at hand – take a look at our three post lockdown career choices to get started. 


Have you been glued to addictive series like Tiger King during lockdown or perhaps you’ve rediscovered classic movies like Goodfellas or Jaws? If you’re a decent writer with an eye for a TV or silver screen tale that draws people in, perhaps a new career as a screenwriter awaits? If this sounds interesting, an online Story for Screenwriting course with expert screenwriter John Yorke should be your bag – he’ll train you in the story structure that’s served him so well in a glittering TV career. Being a good writer is a firm foundation for screenwriting work, but once you’re aware of the classic five-act story structure and all the gripping points that keep an audience hooked throughout, you’ll know what it takes to pen a hit! 

Personal trainer

If participating in video workouts is one pursuit that’s kept you feeling healthy and more in control in isolation, perhaps becoming a personal trainer is right up your street? 
An online PT course with Premier Global NASM allows you to qualify online as a personal trainer and take your instructor lessons from your own home. Who knows – perhaps once you’re qualified and have your own clientele you’ll be giving Joe Wicks a run for his money? As the current environment proves, provided you’ve got a decent camera phone, a basic mic and some entry-level video editing skills on an app like Kinemaster, being isolated is no barrier to working as a PT. 

Healthcare Manager 

If this crisis has proven one thing once and for all, it’s that our healthcare workers are heroes, pure and simple. So if you’re already working in healthcare and would like to step up into a leadership position where you’re taking charge of teams, an online Healthcare Management MSc With ARU Distance Learning could help you climb the career ladder. A healthcare leadership career is tough, but now more than ever, the nation needs strong and emphatic leaders to ensure front line staff and patients are supported and cared for. 

So ends our list, but please share your own post-lockdown career choices in the comments section if you're planning a change!

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