May 24, 2020

Kids Stuff || Kindi Kids Rainbow Kate & Delivery Scooter Review (Gifted)


Kids Stuff - Review/Gifted

When you're five and you've been in lock down for two months, any post is exciting post but today's put the biggest smile on Sophie's face that I've seen in a while! On a bit of a gloomy day, a box of Kindi Kids goodies arrived for us gifted from Moose Toys to review and it is just everything Sophie loves at the moment all in one, perfect!


Sophie really misses her friends at the moment and although she has regular video calls where they play with filters, play games and chat for hours on end (using my phone) it's not quite the same. Being at home so much has been great for us mostly, with a few blips as the weeks go on, but I think a new toy was the perfect distraction for Sophie today after a break from school work. We've been trying to keep up with school activities, not just to make sure she keeps learning and stays on track, but also so we can have some focus and keep busy in the days at home. Having a little routine, however loose to our days has really helped keep us going. We've had many days where watching movies and snuggling on the sofa has been just the ticket too, it's all about balance and making sure we are all well and happy. 

So today after 'work', we got to opening Soph's new Kindi Kids set which included the Rainbow Doll 'Kate' as well as her matching fun delivery scooter and a few small accessories to add too. The rainbow Kate doll is aimed at ages 3 and up, with an RRP of £24.99 which seems pretty good value for such a large well made toy. 

Kate has big sparkly eyes and silky smooth rainbow hair and I think if Sophie had to design her perfect dolly, this would be it. In the pack there's a sweet little cupcake that you can take out of its wrapper as well as an adorable little slushie. Her clothes and shoes can be removed too which is always a bonus for play time to swap with other dolls and look at her dinky feet!

The scooter is a really cool accessory too and another very high quality toy, built to last for lots of fun play times. The little doggy features are a lovely touch but I really love how the little ears go up and down when you push it along. 

There is also a little storage box at the back for her deliveries and I always think any toy with some kind of storage included makes for great fun! The little food and drink characters fit perfectly inside, as well as some of Soph's other little toys which pleased her greatly.

Another nice touch is the little drinks holder on the handle bars!

This has been a favourite since it was delivered and I'm sure will be for a long time to come. There is plenty of scope for play ideas as well as all the usual dolly activities like dress up and pushing in one of her prams. With deliveries being the highlight of our day at the moment, it's a fun one to reenact, delivering treats to our pets and her other toys, stopping on route to make sure Kate stays hydrated!

The Kindi Kids toys are on sale right now at places like Argos and are well worth checking out if your little one has a birthday coming up or just really deserves a nice treat right now with their little worlds being all upside down!

See more on the Kindi Kids website as well as checking out their adorable little videos over on YouTube. If you need some more ideas to keep your little one busy right now, Kindi Kids also have some suggestions that may help:

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