September 17, 2020

Create || Greetings Cards From Wafflemama On Thortful

In lock down I started as a card designer for Thortful and I've had a great time creating fun illustrated cards which seem to be doing pretty well so far luckily! In my second month it was Father's day and my 'staffy dad' card sold over 2000 which was totally crazy!! They are so much fun to make and I love seeing what other designers create too, there's so much talent out there. When there's not a big event on it gets a bit quiet as mine are a bit niche, but it's a good source of passive income and enjoyable which is always a bonus. Here's a look at my current selection of cards and if you want to have a look on the store, they have an offer of four A5 cards for £10 and they are such good quality too. You can click here to see my cards :)

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