September 19, 2020

Mama Life || Lock Down, Love & Meeting New People

Mama Life - Collaborative Post

The last six months have been totally weird in every way and above all, a really testing time for all kinds of relationships. Being married and suddenly not leaving each others sides day and night for months was strange enough, but it's been even weirder for my single friends I think as they were suddenly unable to meet anyone new, go to places where they'd ordinarily meet up with or stumble across new people, so it's definitely been a time to get inventive!

Since lock down I can only imagine that the dating world has been an utter nightmare, but it seems like it's not all bad and that actually some people used the time at home to get to know people more in old fashioned ways as they couldn't meet in person, which is never a bad thing if you're looking for someone long term. One thing I have noticed a lot of is people having video calls and even video dates which I think is really fun and I have to admit that I'd never have the guts to do anything like that. I do think that for people wanting a proper relationship, it's a really nice starting point and will be great to look back on some day. Also, having more phone calls and messaging before actually meeting in person is kind of lovely as it gives you the chance to find out so much more about a person and ask all those questions you maybe wouldn't think of on the spot face to face. This gives relationships a real chance to blossom without the physical side of things getting in the way which is fascinating. From watching films together or enjoying a meal via video call, people have come up with so many creative ideas to get to know each other, putting lockdown to the test. Did you see the guy ask a girl out for a date using a drone? Kind of weird but also really cool and clever, they then went on to have a dinner date over video, what a crazy world.

Lots of people though are still just wanting a little fun and that's all good! Now the lockdown measures have eased a little (for now anyway!), it has made it easier for people wanting a quick meet up to see other people, and with bars and restaurants back in action, there is the chance to meet once again in public places, making dating and hook ups so much easier. When it comes to meeting new people, safety is key so always be sure to tell someone where you're going and when, meet somewhere public and be cautious to any red flags. Sites like nostringsdating for example can help you safely meet people with a little more peace of mind, giving you the freedom in our new lessened restrictions to have a little fun. Always be sure to use a reputable sex dating site and be sure to keep as safe as possible! 

Although Covid and lock down and every week since have been utterly crazy, it will never stand in the way of love (or lust!) and people have really shown how important it is to have that connection with people, with all these clever ideas and making the most of the technology we have available. If you've been dating or meeting new people since lock down, I'd love to hear how you have handled it, so please do leave me a comment below!

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