Monday, November 02, 2020

Half Term Boredom Busters From Rubik's - #AD Review

Products shown were gifted for review purposes

It took me a whopping 35 years to complete a Rubik's cube - I wish I was joking! Even then, it was with the help of YouTube, but nowadays the kids seem to be super speedy at solving them, with people doing them blindfolded and all sorts - amazing! Rubik's is a household name we all know and they've been around since the 70's as a much loved puzzle toy for all ages. 

My own kids have been fascinated with these colourful cubes just as I was, with a little more success may I add! For half term we were sent a range of the latest Rubik's products from Ideal Games by John Adams which had me as excited if not more than the kids. Just look at this glorious pile of shimmering colour!

These were an amazing boredom buster for us all in half term and as we were away for most of it, we enjoyed keeping busy on our long car journey with the toys which were very well enjoyed and will be forever more. I thought I'd share some photos of Soph helping to us unbox these new products which are amazing all year round but perfect for the holidays and a classic Christmas gift for any age to enjoy. Starting with the youngest age range puzzle...

The Rubik's Kitten Puzzle - Age 4+

For younger puzzlers there's a new range of super cute and a little simpler to solve animal puzzles, featuring the kitten (below), bunny, bear and puppy. There are currently £8.99 on Amazon and the perfect robust fun puzzle toy for little hands that looks cute on display when not in use. 

This problem solving toy is great to help with motor skills and early problem solving and I think mine would have enjoyed this from around the age of three, and is still enjoyed by Sophie (6) although a bit young now for Alf (9). I love this addition to the range as it means all siblings can get a puzzle from Rubik's that fits their age and abilities.

Rubik's Revolution - Age 6+

Next up is the genius electronic Revolution game, for ages 6 and up, RRP £22.99. This has probably been the biggest hit with the whole family as it includes 6 fun games that we can compete with each other against (or play alone) to get the highest scores.

This doesn't twist like a traditional cube, but it helps with cube handling and building up speed, it's so much fun! We've already said this will be an amazing family game at Christmas especially as it looks like we'll all be cooped up together and needing as much entertainment as possible!

Rubik's Pyramid - Age 7+

The pyramid is a chunky and lovely to play with twist on the original puzzle and surprisingly difficult (for me anyway!). The kids have really enjoyed getting stuck into this one and just seem to be far better at all things Rubik's than me! 

This would be a great addition to any Rubik's fan wanting a new challenge or a bit of variation and has an RRP of just £12.99 which is more than reasonable as these toys are so well made they will stand the test of time.

Rubik's Tilt - Age 8+

The Tilt is the most different addition to the collection and I have to admit it's probably not my favourite, simply because I'd much rather have the actual cube in my hand than control it on a screen.

 I thought maybe this was just me being 'old', but my nine year old said the same, so I guess it's not for everyone but is I guess a fun alternative to the traditional cube and does give the option to try it in a new format which adds new challenges! The device itself is nice to hold with decent sized buttons and a small screen, with the screen adjusting the cubes with a simple tilt. This does take some getting used to initially but is pretty cool once you work it out. This would be a well received gift (RRP £29.99), but for me, you can't beat the fun of turning the real cube, even if it takes you three decades to complete...

Rubik's 3X3 Metallic Anniversary Cube - Age 8+

Next up is my personal favourite, the classic cube with a beautiful shiny metallic twist! This cube has been released to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Rubik's Cube being awarded toy of the year in 1980. 

This is a great puzzle and is so popular now there's YouTube channels, videos and even a TV show dedicated to 'speed cubing' and solving these wonderful cubes in record time. Toy of the year 40 years ago and much loved even still. 

The anniversary cube is on sale now with an RRP of £14.99 and it will not disappoint! You just can't beat the quality of a real official Rubik's cube and making it metallic - genius.

We've really enjoyed getting stuck into this great selection and seeing how something we loved as kids has evolved whilst maintaining the fun! The new additions are lots of fun and it was really interesting exploring the new ideas and digital versions. For me, the classic cube is always a favourite, but I really love the new Revolution game cube as it's a great family game to enjoy together. Introducing a digital cube is really clever and the younger years animal puzzles are super sweet. A big thank you to John Adams for letting us review these brilliant puzzles!

These products are available now in all good toy stores as well as online. For a full list of stockists and more information, visit: